01 July 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Time Travel


Time travels back and forth and stands still.

My Grandmothers things.....things that I inherited when she passed away...............I take them out of their protective layers and carefully unfold the napkin she didnt carefully fold.....to touch the stitches that she knitted..........for who?...............for whom its nots clear...but delicate fine complex threads brought together.............unfinished business but still kept and not unraveled.

Wooden reels of cotton on a length of wire.........................shaped and bent...........by Grandfathers hands and tools..........bright colours............as bright as seen by my Grandmothers own eyes................connections made.............threads and embroideries......no longer in use............doiley protection between surface and vase.....................and here a project never started.........the mat waits patiently for the thread to be added...............suspended in time...............and time becomes reflections mixed.......vivid and vague...........its a scent mingled with image.

This weeks challenge is hosted by our clever Sabine aka MissHerzfrischs such a clever theme of time travels. If you are curious to see how others have interpreted this theme I suggest when you are finished here you pop over to Sabine's blog and follow the links.

Have a good week

Helen x

original post on my Grandmothers craft


23 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Solstace (winter)

yes we have snow

solstace skinnydip

spectratasmania 2013

let there be light

Artist: Rhoji Ikeda



Well while you lucky Northern Hemispherers are enjoying the summer solstace...........poor muggins here (with lots of other muggins) are freezing our derrieres off.

There have been some very cold mornings for us Melburnian/Hobartians this month of June. 2 degrees celcius!!!! thats all the warmth that we have been permitted. Yes, there is sun, but it is a bright cold sun and you are only allowed to feel its warmth if you stand worshipping it with face tilted skyward in small shafts. Stan and I and the cat have fought for prime position of such rare golden shafts that touch our backyard for a few minutes a day.

So we walk to try and warm our bones and huddle in front of the heater and complain that this is the coldest winter in a long time and lament the hot summer we know will follow this bitterly cold winter.

For some of you Northerners you may be laughing at our paltry 2 degree celcius and thinking to yourself "That's summer not winter!"
 But us tee-shirt and short wearing Southerners are in shock. Deep shock. We dont quite know what to do with ourselves the streets have been empty till almost midday this weekend as people refuse to leave their warm beds.

But not all Australians shrink at such temperatures. There is a small clan of Australians who relish the cold who consider themselves the 'European' Australians. Who see themselves as explorers who sit on the cold frontier of the vast block of ice that is Antarctica. This band of hardy cold loving individuals are the Taswegians oops Tasmanians. They embrace the month of June and celebrate the Solstace. It is for the shortest day where Tasmanians choose to celebrate by skinnydipping. They strip off and walk into the freezing waters of the River Derwent. In the winter months Tasmanians  build bonfires, hold light festivals and drink mulled wine. They will venture out in the middle of the night to watch the Aurora Australis. They laugh in the face of cold weather and think their wimpy state cousins are a bunch of wusses.

As a South Australian born Tasmanian residing in Melbourne my reaction to this cold snap and short dark days are met with mixed feelings. In Tassie I love it I really do Ill stand in the cold night air sipping warm wine with the best of them but when Im in Melbourne Im not nearly as brave and my feet dont stray too far from the electric blanket.

Im looking forward to returning to Tasmania in the very near future to enjoy once again the month of June and all it brings.....its celebration of the shortest day, the mofo festival, the aurora australis, snow on the mountains, incredible skies and crisp sweet air.

This Solstace reflection has been inspired by this weeks DC host the lovely Kristen. If you would like to visit her blog you will find other solstace inspired works.


SpectraTasmania 2013
Ben Lomond Cabin
Aurora Australis

15 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Morning Noon & Night

8:00 am

10:10 am

12:30 pm

3:15 pm

8:51 pm


Morning, Morning!

This was my day..........
As host of the drawing challenge this week I snapped my day being Saturday. Unfortunately I could have called it night as it was so dark grey and dreary sigh! thats winter for you......
This is a snapshot of a typical Saturday for me. Starts with coffee in bed. My dresser is the first thing I see when I get out of bed. Then I usually sit down to do some drawing. Lately I have been working on the tag project and have quite a few done now. Then I go for a walk to the shops planned to take more pics but it rained and wasnt able to hold umbrella and take pics. Managed to snap some nice brown winter leaves. Then I baked our bread for the weekend crusty white Stan's favorite. Finally my favorite night shot  I had to wait till the neighbors got home and turned their light on before I could snap it. I didnt think they would return in time!

If you would like to see what others have done with the theme morning noon and night just follow the links below.

Enjoy your weekend!
Helen x




13 June 2013

Drawing Challenge Invitation :: Morning Noon & Night


I am the host of this weeks drawing challenge.......the theme is MORNING, NOON & NIGHT .
Its a really loose theme and can be interpreted any which way you like.
You can choose a part of or the whole statement to represent in your response. It can be a poem or a story using text or image or both. It might be photographs....illustrations...collage....sculpture.
The choice is entirely yours.

So leave a comment below if you would like to participate and I will add you to the list.

Helen x


09 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: moodboard


I use moodboards as part of my design process for projects that I work on.
It helps to identify the look and feel that my clients are looking for in the finished product.
Moodboards are also an important tool allowing me to convey my ideas to my clients. These moodboards can consist of related images, fonts, colourways layout ideas and graphic styles.

For my own artwork I rarely use moodboards. They tend to exist in my head usually Im thinking on my feet and theres no time for the moodboard stage because creating a moodboard is almost a project in itself and takes up a good deal of time to put together.

So when I find a tool that makes the process quick and easy then I will consider using it even for some of my own projects.
Olioboard is such a tool a great little online moodboard generator Ive been playing with it all afternoon and I thought Id share it with you but I warn you its a little addictive. Still its a great way to generate ideas into moodboards that could easily become concepts.
It provides products from some good design retailers such as anthropolgie for you to create the boards from.

The first one I did was okay but not quite right a quick consult of some magazine layouts and the use of a loose grid and the next two were a lot better.
This fun drawing challenge was brought to you by the lovely Ariane if you would like to discover more moodboards pop over to her blog and follow the links.




03 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: key


OH boy this being late with challenges is starting to annoy me.....but at least its here even if its late Ill keep telling myself that!
I loved this challenge so so much it was lots of fun. So a key is useless unless it has a keyhole to fit. This is inspired by all the wardrobes and desks I had in my family home as a child lots of pieces had locks and a key that went with them.
All different designs and details.
I hope you like these tags Ive had the blank ones sitting around for months waiting for me to throw them some attention and this weekend they finally got their turn to shine.
So now Im working on a series of them for my very empty and neglected etsy shop. There will be other designs too.

This weeks challenge was brought to you by the lovely and talented Miss Renilde if you would like to explore further the theme of key I suggest popping over to Renilde's blog and follow the links.


26 May 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Proverb or Saying

I hear this countless times a day :)


So not what I wanted to do but this was all the time I had available to me this weekend. So here it is graffiti and the demise of language in the age of technology.  Are these the archaeological digs and the Shakespearean equivalents of this day and age?
Who knows.....
What I do think is that "Hi! its me" may well become the "To be or not to be" of the future.
On the train in the supermarket on the streets this little saying is uttered over and over again.
I am also guilty of this utterance even though my name must show who I am I still need to say it and it really doesnt say anything does it?
So will phones become the old 'manuscripts' and will a single texter emerge as the new William Shakespeare? I have no doubt that graffiti will be the "rock paintings or fresco type reflections on who we are and what we were like. Whatever will they make of OMG!, LMAO, ROLF and the like........

This weeks challenge is brought to you by the lovely Patrice if you would like to see more artwork for this challenge pop over to her blog and follow the links.