31 January 2010

Little Bird Cakes - so cute I almost fainted!

cute birds!

what could it be?


 so many layers!


A couple of weeks ago we were given a 'thank you' present from a lovely couple - Pippa and Cornell - for looking after their car while they were away. Their last destination was Japan and this is what they gave to us the sweetest box of little bird cakes. Both the eating and the unwrapping was equally delicious!
Many thanks Pip and Cornell and congratulations on your wedding.

27 January 2010

pictures of past & present

I was cleaning up my drives trying to be well organised (well it is January and probably the only month of the year that I actually do any cleaning up enthusiastically) anyway organising my images into nice little folders therapeutically made me realise just how many images I had and asked the question of myself " have I really experienced the last 3-4 years through the lens of a camera and more recently an iphone camera?"
It seems I have......Ive just realised I have been snapping away at things and then downloading them to make way for more snaps without  actually looking and I mean really looking at the images I have frozen in time. 

Im not surprised that there are some really good images that I would like to share with you, but Iam surprised by the fact that they exist and Ive never given them a second thought past the desperation to capture them in pixels on a whim. I will set up a flicker account soon but in the meantime Ill post some of them up on the blog.

I hope you enjoy the first lot of snaps.


Flinders Street Station, Melbourne  @ Night

Hawthorn Station on a Friday Night

Balloons fly over North Melbourne Station @ 7am

When I was living by the beach in Tasmania I collected many small objects (some not so small!) on my walks. I ended up with quite a collection and when I go down there to stay @ my house for a holiday I sometimes make things sourcing from this collection. I have used driftwood, fishing debris a mix of manmade and natural objects.
I love railway stations particularly Nth Melbourne railway station which is an infinite source of snaps for me. But I will take snaps at any station that inspires me which is pretty well nearly every station in melbourne (one of the things I love best about Melbs). The Hawthorn Station ones were taken on my way home from Friday Night Drinks a bit blurry but you get the idea!

 More to come............................................ on reflection I think the images are too small I'll fix them up on the weekend. Im drinking lovely champagne at the moment oops a little treat because? well no reason really except the trip home on public transport was very stressful yes I hear you..... I love train stations but not the actual multi-national that runs them. 

26 January 2010

Australia Day Holiday

Congratulations go to:
Australian of the Year 2010, Professor Patrick McGorry who has been recognised for his work in the mental health field and particularly his achievements in improving the mental health of young people.

Its kind of weird having a Tuesday off for a public holiday especially if you had to work like I did on Monday. Still, sleeping in till 9am (luxury!) and toddling off to one of my fav cafes in North Melbourne was very nice! Talking of my fav cafes Im developing quite a list. 
One of my favs is Dibellas which is where Stan (my husband) and I went to this morning. It has right amount of ambience and great tasting coffee then there is the delicious menu with a range of mouth watering cakes or a delicious cooked breakfast (which is what we had).
The coffee is consistently good and I forgot the best bit they also roast which means if you buy some coffee beans you get a free coffee or latte. Doesnt get better than that.

 Ive included in this post some fotos I took this morning at Dibellas Enjoy!

yummy egg on sourdough with spinach

The beautiful lampshade on the bench next to me.

Di Bellas Roasting Warehouse/Cafe

24 January 2010

giving and receiving!

Chrismas is a distant memory but the lovely gifts remain as a reminder of just how fortunate we are to have family and loved ones to cherish us and allow us to enjoy the joy and pleasure of giving and receiving gifts. I was fortunate to receive some wonderful gifts these teatowels were among my favs the marimekko 'pienni unikko' pattern comes in many colours and is well known to most of us. The teatowel on the right is by the talented trio and local melbourne gals at hungrygirls.com.au absolutely worth a visit where you will find cookbooks and other whimsical cooking related products.

They're Back!!!!!!

Just one of them......

The apples

A lovely bunch of pears

Poor Tilly!

 Pesky birds GRRRRR!!!

Last year we had to fight a small group of rainbow lorikeets for our fruit off our trees. My husband and I got 1 cherry each before 'they' ate the entire contents of a heavily laden cherry tree. They then proceeded to scoff the almonds (we got none!), the peaches and apples we shared. 
The lorrikeets are back and there is more of them but my husband and I are a lot smarter than last year! 
We have netted half of the almond trees they get the top we get the bottom. The peaches came on early so we got the whole harvest before the lorikeets arrived.
The apples we are sharing, my husband and I start at the lower branches they start at the top branches and we fight over the fruit in the middle. 
Im guessing the pears arent safe either with both lorrikeets and humans keeping an eye on them waiting for them to be ready to eat.......... The cat was not amused by all the screeching disturbing her morning nap unfortunately for her she just had to sit and bear it till they eventually flew off.

my home

light and paper bells

my front door

This is my first post I love my front door the bubbled glass and how the afternoon sun shines through making golden shards in an otherwise dark space. The other photo is taken in my studio which is full of light all year round (perfect for a studio).