27 January 2010

pictures of past & present

I was cleaning up my drives trying to be well organised (well it is January and probably the only month of the year that I actually do any cleaning up enthusiastically) anyway organising my images into nice little folders therapeutically made me realise just how many images I had and asked the question of myself " have I really experienced the last 3-4 years through the lens of a camera and more recently an iphone camera?"
It seems I have......Ive just realised I have been snapping away at things and then downloading them to make way for more snaps without  actually looking and I mean really looking at the images I have frozen in time. 

Im not surprised that there are some really good images that I would like to share with you, but Iam surprised by the fact that they exist and Ive never given them a second thought past the desperation to capture them in pixels on a whim. I will set up a flicker account soon but in the meantime Ill post some of them up on the blog.

I hope you enjoy the first lot of snaps.


Flinders Street Station, Melbourne  @ Night

Hawthorn Station on a Friday Night

Balloons fly over North Melbourne Station @ 7am

When I was living by the beach in Tasmania I collected many small objects (some not so small!) on my walks. I ended up with quite a collection and when I go down there to stay @ my house for a holiday I sometimes make things sourcing from this collection. I have used driftwood, fishing debris a mix of manmade and natural objects.
I love railway stations particularly Nth Melbourne railway station which is an infinite source of snaps for me. But I will take snaps at any station that inspires me which is pretty well nearly every station in melbourne (one of the things I love best about Melbs). The Hawthorn Station ones were taken on my way home from Friday Night Drinks a bit blurry but you get the idea!

 More to come............................................ on reflection I think the images are too small I'll fix them up on the weekend. Im drinking lovely champagne at the moment oops a little treat because? well no reason really except the trip home on public transport was very stressful yes I hear you..... I love train stations but not the actual multi-national that runs them. 

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