24 January 2010

They're Back!!!!!!

Just one of them......

The apples

A lovely bunch of pears

Poor Tilly!

 Pesky birds GRRRRR!!!

Last year we had to fight a small group of rainbow lorikeets for our fruit off our trees. My husband and I got 1 cherry each before 'they' ate the entire contents of a heavily laden cherry tree. They then proceeded to scoff the almonds (we got none!), the peaches and apples we shared. 
The lorrikeets are back and there is more of them but my husband and I are a lot smarter than last year! 
We have netted half of the almond trees they get the top we get the bottom. The peaches came on early so we got the whole harvest before the lorikeets arrived.
The apples we are sharing, my husband and I start at the lower branches they start at the top branches and we fight over the fruit in the middle. 
Im guessing the pears arent safe either with both lorrikeets and humans keeping an eye on them waiting for them to be ready to eat.......... The cat was not amused by all the screeching disturbing her morning nap unfortunately for her she just had to sit and bear it till they eventually flew off.

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