13 February 2010

Artist: Donna Marcus

Hi Everyone
Ive been a bit under the weather these last couple of days but feeling a little better today well feeling at least like I can post on my blog.
While laying in bed sick I was able to surf through my favourite blogs one of my all time favourites is American designer/blogger/author Lena Corwin ~ o ~ her recent post showed a lovely arrangement of plates on a wall. The grouping featured 2 plates with her own designs.
Looking at the image made me think of a wonderful Australian Artist/ Sculptor Donna Marcus. Some of you may have seen her wonderful work. Her website isn't live yet but you can find her work at www.diannetanzergallery.net.au she also has some work in the collection of the Museum of Art and Design in New York. She is also featured on dhub the online presence of the powerhouse museum. 

Donna's work included in this post is from 2006 a series called Parlour it can be seen on dianne tanzer gallery site. It is a collection of work that uses found domestic objects repeated to create beautiful compositions of colour, shape and pattern from everyday objectsthe ones used in this series are anodised aluminium saupan lids.
I have also included random images thatI feel respond to Marcus's work but are not necessarily artwork just a grouping of objects. I hope you enjoy it.

 Hall by Donna Marcus, 2006

 Parlour by Donna Marcus, 2006

Sunroom, by Donna Marcus, 2006

 Parlour Series by Donna Marcus, 2006

 Crochet potholders the design files


Custom artwork by Lucy King using recycled china

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Olivia said...

Ooh I love the cow plate, second picture from bottom. I feel like I have seen those cows somewhere before...