02 February 2010

Goodbye January............Hello February!

vespa heaven ahhh!

 feather and bird

war of the worlds? new nth melb platform towers

The year is whizzing by at an alarming rate already January is gone and so we begin month number 2 of 2010. Yesterday on my way to work Stan and I stopped for a quick coffee when we reemerged 15 mins later parked out front was a bright orange vespa. I love the colour and I love the vespa scooter as a design object. Isnt it gorgeous!

My work collegue and friend Olivia is a very talent girl some of you might know her better as feather and bird  from etsy or caught up with her at Sisters Market you can currently find her at Rose St Market on Sundays. Pop by and take a look at her beautiful designs! I love my bird brooch (see above) and wear it often.

Just some more pix from the albums I thought you might like......... Nth Melbourne Railway Station, look like something out of a sci fi film.

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