27 February 2010

A grey ol Saturday morning

Hi all

it was a really grey and dark morning that threatened to rain but in the end happy just to give spitty little nothings. I love this sort of weather (minus the humidity) with the colours all vibrant in contrast to the grey and that lovely fresh rain smell. Well we set off this morning to try out the Auction Rooms Cafe for some brekky I had read a nice write up and had it on my list of places to try. 
Reluctantly steered the car away from Dibellas (very hard to do) and turned down Erroll St, found a park and headed to Auction Rooms. I love North Melbourne and it is on reflection my favourite suburb in Melbourne. I love the quirky and slightly dank feel to the place. I love the remoteness of it on weekends when the commercial tenants arent around and the nice wide streets with tree planted islands running down the middle. Then there is the abundance of pubs and I mean real pubs with wood panelling, old carpet and the smell of stale beer that only years of spillage can produce aaaahhhhhhh! Ive decided to try very hard to live here one day, unfortunately the expensive hovel is the most common rental in this suburb. 
Still onto my travels this morning..... not only did we visit AR but I was fortunate to chance upon a sweet little shop called Ramona tienda but more on that later.......

Auction room Cafe
103-107 Errol Street
North Melbourne

 Auction Rooms Cafe

The coffee was a bit ordinary nothing to write about nothing to complain about Stans flat white was fine my latte was a bit on the cool side I mean a coffee shouldn't be sip hot but also shouldn't be so cool that you can drink it like a glass of water. Milk was the dominant flavour even when I had specifically requested a strong latte.
Poached eggs spinach smokey bacon and mushroom
I love a mushroom that's a real field mushroom chunky like steak these were good big brown chunks. Delicious eggs just right oozing not runny or dry overall very eatable. Bread crusty but not hard. Very nice.
Not a bad though the staff seemed flustered which was transferring to patrons even though it wasnt overly busy.
"Hot latte"  announced the girl as she placed my second coffee in front of me as opposed to a cold latte? I thought.... not quite sure what she was referring to here since I could put my hand round the glass and hold or quite comfortably. Still they were very friendly and pleasant.
Not a bad place... food was very good, coffee drinkable, a choice of table sizes private and shared. Coordinating drinks with food seemed a little tricky but the people were friendly and helpful. The front house hostess was the one thing that slightly irked me but seems to be the trend for some places and not a problem for most Im sure but I like to go to a place and find my own seat. It makes me feel like a kid when I have someone choosing my seat for me. 

Ramona tienda
113 Errol St
North Melbourne

Proprietor: Ramona Raven

 Ramona tienda
Found a lovely gem of a shop just down from the Auction Rooms Cafe. A calm and inviting space housing an intriguing and well balanced collection of design pieces to be had from jewellery, stationary and giftware, lighting, clothing and accessories, to homewares and furniture. Some of the labels are familiar some Ive not seen before. The eclectic range consists of locally made woven floor rugs, to South Australian pottery vessels. There are products sourced from as far away as USA and Korea. My favourite is the Satsuma Press Stationary range and the beautiful woven fashion items and rugs from local producers World Weave.
A really lovely place to visit and to buy a gift for someone or something special for yourself. I will be revisiting very soon without husband in tow so I can fully enjoy the experience. Its a bit hard to do with jingling car key sounds in the background.

'tienda'  spanish for 'small booth, or 'shop'

If you would like to see what Ramona has in the tienda you can visit her website @ www.ramonatienda.com
or pop into her blog when you have finished here and say hello! www.ramonatienda.blogspot.com/ 

 Off to the Station Hotel Footscray tonight for my birthday treat (yes its my birthday tomorrow) compliments of Stanley. I plan on enjoying some Tassie wine and fab food. Ill post later on so check back later!!!! Thanks to everyone who has sent me happy birthday wishes most gratefully recieved makes me feel very special!!!! love to everyonexxxxxx 

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