20 February 2010

A little late but we are finally here............

 Hello friends
been having network problems this week and so hopefully its all sorted for now. Ive been wanting to post about my visit to a lovely cafe which is in Degreaves Lane just off of Flinders St in Melbourne. Ive also wanted to post about the CWC (Creative Womens Collective) which is having their first group gathering today @ 10am. Ive got a busy day planned which also involves travelling to Canterbury to get my haircut I cant wait my hair currently looks like a bushel on my head a bit like Moss from It Crowd (love that show!)

So it will be a quick post hope you have a great day!

glass of Ninth Island Sparkling NV

2nd glass of Ninth Island  and Stans new hat!

delicious orichetto mmmmmm!

City Hatters a Melbourne icon and Stans hat heaven.

11 Degraves St 

Melbourne 3000 VIC

Orichetto Italian sausage green beans garlic and chili free glass of house wine -  $18.50

House wine red very drinkable judging by Stan's willingness to partake in more than one glass

Pasta was unbelievablely good the flavours were conjourjng up images of a short stocky Italian granny slaving over big steamy pans on a wood stove….really delicious probably the best Italian dish Ive had in a long while.

Coffee in two words not the best coffee ever but good flavour temperature and presentation no complaints here either.

Worth a visit if you want somewhere a little quieter to eat and drink but still want to feel part of the Degreaves buzz this is the place to go. The service is always good too.

We also paid a visit to City Hatters that day finally Stan bought a new Panama hat yay!

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