06 February 2010

Philosphical thoughts about time and birthdays!

Hello friends!

made it to the weekend yay! How busy is this year already? God its only February which brings me to another topic….. I just cant seem to get my head around the speed at which time keeps hurtling me towards yet another birthday. I was spending a few quiet moments in the loo at work yesterday thinking this exact thought. How a minute, hour, day, month and throw in a year just dont physically feel the same length anymore. In fact if you can vaguely remember when you were a kid a 2 hour trip in the car felt like 6 hours and what would now feel like 6 seconds. Its ridiculous and it appears to me that as you get older time is transporting you very quickly at ferari speed towards major milestones just to get you out of the way to make room for someone else's turn in the light..….….…

Okay gloomy outlook..…and I know its because my birthday is fast approaching. On the upside Stan and I are going to celebrate my bday at the Station Hotel in Footscray. A quiet dinner for 2 on a Saturday night. 

Im a bit excited and a bit dismayed because
1. I love the food and wine list at the Station and
2. Its so rare that I go out to dinner for a 'date' - date = dressing up and putting on a bit of lippy.
Im ashamed to say that my lippy is the one (I only have one) I wore to my wedding 13 years ago and smells vintage like the old ones your Nana used to wear. Ive also lost the art of applying lipstick through lack of practice so it never looks quite that good anymore.
Still there is the food which really is amazing and the wine list very comprehensive all the best wine groups are well represented. My absolute die for is the Jansz sparkling cuvee their 2004 vintage named in the 100 topwines list and Im not at all surprised. Described as "A stylish sparkling with dried lemon peel and toasted nut aromas, some gentle white florals and nougat." < OMG I want one now!!!!! < mental note to myself: treat myself to a pre bday drink this evening > anyway back to the Station -the interior setting in the dining room is also lovely, enough to make you feel special but not overdone so you feel uncomfortable.
Im posting some pics of possibles gifts Im thinking of buying myself objects that I would like to have in my possession one day or something Id like to do. I'm at the very least going to buy myself a pressie this year maybe something off the list………who knows?

Heres the list with pics……enjoy!

Piero Fornasetti plates love them!
my fav of course combining 2 of my loves

love art glass particularly venini glass

George Nelson sunflower clock 1958

a french cycle with a basket Im not sure if its for riding or just admiring

Just a few of many objects I would love to own and covet. Have a nice day!

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