09 February 2010

Saturday Market Sth Melbourne

Saturday morning took Stan and myself to the South Melbourne Market. Since being in Melbourne we have always said we would go but just haven't got round to it.  I also had another reason for going that being

St Ali
12-18 Yarra Pl
South Melbourne VIC

I had heard and read some really good reviews about the cafe and even though I had visited it in its early days I was keen to have another visit and try its now famous coffee. So it seemed a good idea to combine both the market and the visit to St Ali.
Sadly St Ali didn't live up to it reputation. Reduced to getting take aways due to the long table wait, we consoled ourselves with the thought that at least we would get to try their coffee. So the fact that it was luke warm, and the coffee non existent and the faint suggestion of it was pretty bland in flavour at that point we weren't very happy. It was 11.00am and we still hadnt had a decent coffee or anything to eat. We headed onwards towards the market.

South Melbourne Market

Luckily the charm of the Sth Melbourne market began to work and what we found was a wonderful place to buy really good fresh fruit veg meat and deli products. There was also a variety of market stalls and some great ready to eat food stalls. 
On arriving the wonderful smells made us really hungry so first up we wanted to try the famous Sth Melbourne Market dimsim. We didn't know which stall it was - deceptively, all of the Asian stalls sold 'the' dimsim famous at Sth Melbourne Market. I have no idea whether the dimsim I ate was  the 'real deal'  but I ate it and it was delicious so was happy with that. Still feeling hungry we bought a wonderful chicken pie for me and Stan had a fetta and spinach quiche from the Aroma Bakery shop 11 & 12 which we ate whilst drinking our coffee. Two little cakes were also purchased for later.  

Padre Coffee Sth Melbourne Market

We finally got our coffee and it was good.Padre Coffee Stall has only been there 2 weeks it has another shop in Brunswick East.

Padre Coffee
438 Lygon St
Brunswick East VIC

 Served in really cute white china bowls (love coffee in bowls) it tasted beautiful and was a real pleasure to drink seated in the market throng which had a nice smattering of a crowd without being Vic Market frenetic. 

Very Relaxing.

A quick visit to the Hemp Shop Stall 215 yielded a surprisingly well priced decent range of bamboo cotton and hemp clothing for women and men as well as other hemp and natural fibre products. Whilst I tried on clothes Stan had wandered into the stall across from Hemp no.73 and discovered Sword Wines

There he found a range of wines and beers to his liking and bought a few. He also found me a nice sparkly -  dry and lemony (just how I like it).
The wine was bought in returnable bottles You pay a bottle deposit $3 with your full bottles of wine then you bring the bottles back where your bottle deposit is returned or transferred to new bottles. The 'empties' are washed and sanitised ready for more wine. Great idea for the environment as well as the consumer. After this we headed for home.

I hope you all get to visit the market or feel the urge to visit if you haven't been in a while. It was a lovely experience for all ages.

from Aroma and consumed much later in the afternoon with a cup of tea.

New Books



I was a bit naughty on Saturday not only did I buy a skirt from Hemp but also bought 2 books the first is

Melbourne: The Making of a Drinking and Eating Capital by Michael Harden.

A really interesting  collective history of wining and dining culture in Melbourne. It wasnt always the diverse and integrated part of a Melburnian life as it is today. The images are beautiful and inspiring. Well worth the read

The second book is a fabulous book titled

Art Deco Fashion by Suzanne Lussier.  

Well balanced content of beautiful images and succinct historical information.

Both are avail at  Coventry Bookstore 265 Coventry st, South Melbourne (I havent put a link as it wasnt working)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,
The markets sound wonderful, if only I liked coffee. You are very convincing in your excursions to unearth the ultimate cup of coffee in surroundings worthy of this holy grail journey on which you have embarked. Good luck with your mission I look forward to your next blog and accompanying photos.(by the way who is the handsome chappie in the hat?) KarenXXX