29 March 2010

Hello Back Again

 Hi All

Well have had a really busy last couple of weeks which have just started easing off...... finally! I worked on Saturday but Sunday was all mine!!!!!!

I managed to enthuse my other half to leave the safety of his laptop and leave the house in search of coffee and food. We ended up at Fruits of Passion in Kensington a favourite little spot of mine (I know...I have so many). Kensington is another suburb that I like to spend time in I feel really at home as it reminds me a little of North Hobart (another fav spot of mine) with its hilly streets and old weatherboard and stone buildings. It always feel quite lofty and open. I love the classically Melbourne cluster of shops lining parts of the main strip that buzz with activity, the Railway station smack in the middle of it (I have access envy). Coffee at FOP is well made very homey and flavoursome, and their poached eggs are perfect.  The vibe in the cafe is good with a group of tables out under the victorian verandah making for pleasant outdoor dining. It is very busy a lot of the time and sometimes a wait is needed to get a table. But the wait is worth it and the consolation is there is lots to look at while you wait. In fact it is probably one of the very few places that I dont mind waiting for a table. Afterwards we took a lovely stroll down the street to the car taking in the eclectic collection of architectural styles that make Kensington so special. Here have a look yourself!

Fruits of Passion
188 Bellair St
Kensington 3031 VIC

 stan itching to get back to his work

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