13 March 2010

vintage buttons, sisterly love and Koumpounophobia

Sorry for late postings but have had pooter and network troubles grrrr!


Vintage Buttons are beautiful objects I always feel excited when I find one or more! on my travels. 
I love looking at them up close.
I like them free of fabric just being a design object in its own right.

I often think the depth of my love of buttons comes from the fact that my sister equally cant stand the sight of buttons. Perhaps I got allocated her measure of button love as well as my own in my genetic code who knows?
She particularly hates vintage buttons the sight of jars of buttons in secondhand shops actually make her feel physically sick. When I was younger I must admit that I did use this to my advantage taunting her with very descriptive threats of tying her to a chair and pouring big glass jars of vintage buttons slowly over her head - the reward being the look of nausea that would wash over her face ahhh those were the good ol days of sibling tormenting. 
Im not so cruel these days Ill make sure I send her an email warning her not to open and read this post.

Anyway here are some button pics.  I thought you might like to look at some lovely pics I have found whilst indulging in my love of trawling google images for buttons. I love the fact that phtographing buttons changes their dimension there is something quite lovely about a button that has been blown up through photography dont you think?

 love the combination of colours

Whoopsie! just thought I would use the ol reliable google to see if there was such a condition you know for button phobia and oh lordy just my luck there is!!!!! 
That would be right I tormented my sister all those years causing her great physcological damage. How was I to know she was suffering from acute Koumpounophobia? 
No wonder she used to pinch me so hard and often to point of where my Mum would yell  'youre going to give her cancer if you pinch her that hard" (not quite sure how that one worked) nevertheless it used to frighten the bejesus out of me - the threat of cancer that is - not the pinch, that just used to make my legs wobbly. 
AHHHH yes sisterly love where would we be without it.......This of course has taken me completely offcourse of the real post topic of vintage buttons. 

Ooooh just found this!
the ultimate present for my sis 
combining her love of chocolate 
with her hate of buttons heh heh


Ive also included images of this fabulous shop and its wares called buttonmania in Melbourne with contact details for all of you to add to your list of places to visit when you are next in Melbourne. Check out the website its fab!

Phone    (03) 9650 3627
Fax    (03) 9650 7868
Email    kate.boulton@internode.on.net
Level 2 - The Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 

Buttonmania: just look at that wall of buttons aaahhh!
Hope you enjoyed the post

Have a great weekend gals and any guys who might happen to stumble upon this blog......


karen said...

Dear Helen,
now I know you are completely and utterly mental. There is something particularly disturbing about those creepy little deformed bits of plastic with holes in the centre, surely no-one can derive pleasure from something so hideous. Even the word makes me gag! In addition your recollection of our childhood is somewhat distorted but I blame the buttons for that XXX Karen

objectsofwhimsy said...

oops too late!

the sis found the post before the email.

she was quite distressed obviously her dislike of buttons has clouded her memory heh heh heh

Fine Little Day said...

Button candy :)