17 May 2010

Anzac Weekend & Hepburn Springs

The Anzac Day long weekend saw myself my good friend Floss and my husband take a lovely trip to Hepburn Springs (on the outskirts of Daylesford) for some R&R. Well Stan and I did the R&R Flossie was on a work related intensive research weekend involving lots of massage etc; We all had a wonderful weekend to say the least. 
I LOVE Hepburn Springs unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in Daylesford mega busy and seriously overpriced restaurants that left us gasping at the bill.... But anyway back to Hepburn Springs with its funny little collection of buildings and houses stretched along the main road very hilly and chilly as well. Quite old worlde but not touristy fake like Daylesford.  
A very groovy cafe that is the living definition of the word eclectic all without trying and a very cool laidback theatre/bar which had me itching to do a fashion photoshoot inside. The locals were ultra friendly and interesting and Im thinking we may have to go back in June to see Deborah Conway perform. Oh did I mention that the theatre/bar had a very impressive performer list?
We went to the new bathhouse and soaked until we were shrivelled prunes, had a glass of wine in the old bathhouse rotunda, then walked around the town which was very pretty with the new autumn leaves of red and gold scattered on the ground. Some words of advice take coat, scarf, hat and umbrella that all is required to enjoy the place in the autumn/winter months. We stayed in the motel conveniently close to everything but there are some lovely accommodation options in the form of B&B's available. Here are the pics I hope it inspires you to take yourself and your loved ones off for a weekend away from the big smoke.

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