08 June 2010

Barber Shops I

Finally my wild and woolly husband took himself off to the Barber for a long overdue haircut. We had been to see a client this morning and I wanted a quick squizz in a couple of shops so went along with him. I sat and watched for awhile mainly because I love Barber shops theres something very appealing about them and I like sitting and watching a man cutting another mans hair. I loved it as a kid watching my Dad, Brothers and Grandfather getting their hair trimmed. The sound of a transistor radio going in the background, the decor, the Barbers stripey columns and retro typefaces red/blue/white colour scheme. The sound of the buzzing hair trimmer, lino floors and male banter.
Here are some images that Ive collected of Barbershops sorry but I dont have credits for most of them so thankyou to the people who took these fab fotos.  Hope you enjoy!

 One of my fav John Bracks paintings  The Barbers shop 1952.


Fine Little Day said...

I like this Barber post :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes so do I! Im planning a field trip to photograph Barber shops in my area. So keep an eye out for future posts.