06 June 2010

Haus Frau Cafe Yarraville (my little secret no more)

Since moving to Melbourne 3 years ago on my quest to discover the perfect latte I was fortunate enough to discover a cafe/bakery in Yarraville (thankfully close enough for regular visits). Three years on and quite well known these days its has developed a very steady local following and a wait may be involved to get a table but we sometimes we have to suffer in order to experience great things….and my friends the coffee made here is a great thing.
Ive often talked about consistency as a factor in providing a great coffee and I can without a doubt state that every coffee I have ever had from Haus Frau is indistinguishable from the next and the one before. The 'main man' is a coffee making craftsman pure genius. Watching him master his machine is mesmerising. It matters not if the cafe is a fully packed weekend or a leisurely midweek the coffee is always without fault and always the same high quality. The flavour is a well chosen all rounder, I like mine nutty with a hint of bitter. Temperature perfect and oh so silky creme. Presentation is a pleasure each and every time.
The bonus is the amazing food that goes with the coffee. It is a very busy and popular bakery ranging from large cakes to tiny sweet honey madelines. My favourite is the croque monsieur a delicious hot cheesy little number and the scrambled egg tart is equally delicious and a nice alternative to a full cooked breakfast. Grabbing a freshly baked (on the premises) crusty loaf to take home with you means the whole Haus Frau experience is a very pleasant one.
The actual cafe/bakery environment tops it all off retro scandinavian folk style is how I describe it. Female staff have the retro 'heidi' thing happening with kerchiefs on their heads with matching aprons very cute! The terrazzo floor is very beautiful and the decor quirky. Please make time to pop out West for a visit to this lovely cafe it really is worth it and very close to Yarraville Station if you want to commute. Ill see you there!

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