11 June 2010

Margaret Atwoods Childrens book

I love Margaret Atwoods books and admire her as a writer and successful woman. What I didnt know is that she wrote and illustrated a childrens book in 1978. She created the typeface as well (clever woman!) It was reprinted in 2008 and I feel lucky to have a copy. I will gift it to my first grandchild and in the meantime I will enjoy a quiet moment flicking through the pages every now and then. What I find particularly interesting is the resourceful and clever way she resolves the problems of restricting publication methods of the day. Ive included her preface which talks about her process and what she overcame to achieve this delightful book.
You can purchase it from Amazon I got mine from the gorgeous bookstore in Yarraville The Sun Bookshop
Here is the ISBN: 0-88899-729-9 / 978-0-88899-729-6 


Olivia said...

Can't wait!! Hehe first granddaughter..

the sun bookshop said...

thanks for the shout out about the bookshop. we're glad you're enjoying your attwood. love from the sun bookshop!