27 October 2010

Ken Done Classics, a wonderful weaving find and knitting patterns!!!!

Dont you just love it when you think to yourself Ill just pop into that opshop for a quick squizz..............and find some wonderful things that make your day. I know I do. Today I did just that and came home with these and a lovely little creamy white occasional table and a nice cardie for the man. All for under 25 bucks. Love it!

Lovin the jelly sandals and bright colours!

An exercise book jammed with how to weave research!

Teenage Dolly Fashion!

A fat vinyl folder full of fab knitting patterns
Cant imagine wearing wool to the beach in 45 degree heat but loved the pattern all the same.


delia said...

Great finds! Sometimes it's crazy what comes back into fashion! I just read that backpacks are coming back into fashion - been a while.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! Enjoy this beautiful Melbourne weather!

objectsofwhimsy said...

backpacks hey I sincerely hope not! because they wont be the functional bushwalking variety they will if I remeber be these useless annoying sacks that dont sit right because the y have dicky straps. Your blog is a nice place to visit. :)