30 October 2010

What am I listening too at the mo...........

Tis is what Im listening to at the mo
baby its cold outside CD ABC you can find it here
love this perfect even when its hot outside!

Loving this space: Collected by Tas-ka


love this book! (a book on modern interiors)  not sure where I saw this........but enjoy the pics

Enjoy the wet day if youre in the Southern end of Australia but dont those gardens look splendid with the water particularly the roses. 


Lilli said...

Yes, warm music for cold days; perfect for lazy Sundays too! Keep warm!

jasmin said...

hi helen... i've been meaning to visit you ... you are one of my 10 followers... a short list, but a sweet one... and one to be nurtured. thanks for dropping in.... always love hearing from an ozzie... they are often too shy to comment. and i love the photo of the desk here, don't you? I might do a desk post tomorrow...... sweet dreams. jasmin
and hello to my sister blog (lilli's) above me in the first comment.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Big hellos back!!!! Im still a little fish in the blog ocean as well nice of you to pop in for a look and comment. The desk and lighting is my dream workspace and Im just loving that tiled floor.

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing such kind sentiments about our beloved Buster.

I've really enjoyed your postings, the image of the staircase today is terrific.
I also loved learning about Dibellas Felici coffee.

Even though I'm a sporadic coffee drinker at best, I love the thought of having a bag of beans with my name on them [narcissisitic laughter heard in background].

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Felicity x

jasmin said...

The colour of those tiles! That is one of my favourites.
I did a desk post....... hope you've had a lovely weekend.