10 November 2010

busy busy busy!!!!!!and looking for summer sandals

My goodness are these days and weeks whizzing by at an alarming rate for anyone else? or is it just me I cant seem to get on top of things at the moment. Working on a new website Ill post some pics when its ready and published.
Im in the market for some new sandals there are definite 'must haves' a sandal has to have for me since Im the owner of size 10 flippers and Im very cuddly in shape and stature.
Must haves for my shoes are:
low straps nothing too high up on the foot or around the ankle.
nice flat and slim sole (very important if the sole is chunky I look like I have boats for feet) unless of course they are wedges or clogs.
no thong style just a set of thinnish straps (3 is good!) to break up the vast surface of my foot.
a covered heel is also good as it gives the support to the foot to keep it inside the sandal.

So have been looking looking for leather handmade sandals on etsy and just the web in general and found a few that I thought I might share with you.
The following sandals are from Tuto on etsy

These from Michael Kors

a little crochet pair kind of cute if you are small and petite not me though! oh they are from etsy store soleil dua tutomme

Diana Furstenberg just love the colours and shapes a little bit of fancypants!


Georgina said...

gorgeous finds. I like the first & second pair by tuto - love the colour red! am off to check out their store now.

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes the top ones are childrens but as they ate from tuto which is handmade sandals Im sure you could get them made I would seriously wear them :)