13 November 2010

Frankie meet Stella and other magazines

I love magazines in fact Ill admit that Im addicted to magazines.
Here are 10 facts about me and my relationship with magazines

  1. I have every insideout issue since its conception (my old stalwart favourite which got me addicted)
  2. I keep my past issues I mean EVERY one of them
  3. I am a keen follower of both print mags and emags
  4. They are the trigger for my creative process in other words they get me in the mood!
  5. I use magazine stacks as furniture because I have to
  6.  If the Hooby gets frustrated by the piles of mags blocking his way and the what a waste of money argument is thrown out there I just merely point out that its better than his beer addiction which ultimately gets pee-ed down the drain!
  7. I love to flick through past issues sipping on a coffee or tea on a rainy Saturday (today!!!! But Ill finish the post before I indulge)
  8. My interest in mag genres vary greatly I love mags on graphics, multimedia, craft, art, interiors, furniture, architecture, sustainability, political, food, wine, coffee……………
  9. I NEVER EVER deface a mag by removing pages, if I need the info to be transportable Ill take a foto of the page.
  10. There are no self help groups for magazine addicts that I know of………thank goodness!
  11. OOPS! I know I said 10 but actually there is 11…..I love small mag publications and self publishing Im in the middle of one now its progressing slowly but its getting there.
I thought you might like to see some of the mags Im interested in at the mo here are some of my current favourites hope you enjoy.

Frankie (Lara Burke, Jo Walker and Louise Bannister)
Latest Edition avail from here 

Stella (Laura Terp Hansen)
First Edition avail from here cost is around AU$12 + AU$12 postage & handling

Anthology(Anh-Minh Le, Meg Mateo Ilasco)
Latest edition available here:
Mag Nation – 3 locations
Melbourne, Victoria
Prahran, Victoria
Newtown, NSW Australi





lines&shapes (lena Corwin and Maria Vettese)
Various Publications avail from here varying prices in $US

Can be viewed online just follow the link.

baseline typographic ( Hans Dieter Reichardt)
Publications from here

If you dont know them already I hope you enjoy finding new inspiration! Ill see you soon the Hooby just made me a cuppa and some mags are calling out to me bye!!!!!!!


jasmin said...

EVERY issue of Inside Out! Very, very impressive.
I love them too.

objectsofwhimsy said...

I know its a little scary whne I think about it I have magazines at 2 locations my house in Tassie and here in Melbourne.