20 November 2010

O Christmas Wreath Part 1

One of my favourite activities around Christmas time is to have a nosey at door wreaths when Im out walking. I just love a good door wreath. Im living in Footscray at the moment where there are very few door wreaths during the festive season and rarer still if they are worth looking at. So Im getting my Christmas wreath fix another way through........etsy!
Oh what fun it was to ride through the countless wreaths and I have handpicked some goodies for you to look at I tried to stick to the craft and handmade styles. Ive numbered the etsy shops and the pixs will run in the same order if you wish to purchase one.

~etsy shops~

  1. BlueUnicorn
  2. NatureAccessories
  3. meplusyoudesigns
  4. BossyFeltworks
  5. Lindaworks
  6. janejoss
  7. AnnaHailey
  8. ochristmastree
  9. JustBeachyshop
  10. myfavoritefinds
  11. recreart
  12. SimpleJoysPaperie
  13. ItzFitz

I think my favourite is the painted dried fruit one (2) very rustic and gorgeous colours! There is 2 posts for this topic I will post the part 2 soon.

PS: Iam in the process of styling up my blog interface so there will be a few changes going on hopefully you will all be happy with the end result which will hopefully have better layout and use of blog tools and functions. Im getting there.....doing the tutes and reading up on what I need to do. Ill post some resources on that if anyone is interested. Well Im off and out of the house because its a glorious sunny day in the city of Melba time for a coffee in a nice little cafe...............mmmm dibellas here I come!

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