23 November 2010

O Christmas Wreath Part 2

so here are some more lovely wreaths to get you into the Christmas Spirit. Again, they are all available on Etsy and are handmade or vintage in style. Ive numbered the Etsy Shops to reflect the order of the images hope you enjoy!!!!
The Boiled lolly one (6) might not be very appropriate for Australia I have a vision of flies and ants but Im thinking somewhere cold it could be good and it does look very frosty and festive...dont you think? I also added a very festive deer hook most appropriate for a Christmas Wreath.

  1. PortugueseVintage (a nice little deer hook to hang a wreath on!)
  2. bitsandbarley
  3. ArtisticStencils
  4. SummerhavenDesigns
  5. RaggedHome
  6. justpretty
  7. SisilyLove
  8. Laughingcreekprod
  9. Starlingink
  10. Harvestmoonbyhand
  11. Fioreblu
  12. handmadecolectibles
  13. Whatsnottolike
  14. couldnt find the maker of the knitting needle wreath...sorry!
  15. learn how to make this cute hanging button wreath here!
  16. kypresjack designs

Well Im now feeling sufficiently Christmassy cant wait to get the tree up! I love all of these wreaths which one do you like best? Dont forget to check out the first lot of wreaths if you missed it youll find it here


Betty said...

Gorgeous! x

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes they are theres about 26 years of door wreath ideas just here ;)

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Loving the last one in particular.

Pop back over to my space on Saturday to see the amazing starfish wreath stamp that Chantal Vincent made for me.

Felicity x

PS: Which front door from realestate.com would you love to hang your favourite wreath on this Christmas?

objectsofwhimsy said...

beautiful starfish wreath stamp that Chantel is a clever girl and youre a lucky one to receive it!