12 December 2010

Twelve Days to Christmas

My goodness how busy have I been??????
Well busy enough that I didn’t get anywhere near objectsof whimsy all week. Most frustrating but as you can see I was still able to do a little collecting of some lovely stuff for you all to look at.
I finally got my haircut and I mean not a trim but a proper cut. (looks a bit like this but more like this!)
It took the poor girl (Olivia) at Barbarella Hair ages to get through the 4 year old thicket that had grown on my head I swear with the mound of hair that was on the floor I was expecting a shearer to walk in and bale up. There I have been overheating turning on the air con thinking there was a heatwave on when really it was because I was carrying a whole sheep on my head.
 I can almost crotchet a granny square!  Well okay a slightly deformed granny square but Im getting real close now.  Im passed the single chain stage yay!
On Saturday I got the gocco printer out and printed this years Christmas cards (a little late I know) I finished the hand colouring this morning so they will hit the postbox tomorrow.

Links to the images (in same order as the images above)
  1. Gooco printed cards (mine!)
  2. Gocco printed cards hand coloured (mine!)
  3. Snow Day Felt Holiday Ornament Craft Pattern (posie rosy little things)
  4. Walk in the Woods Felt Ornament Craft Pattern (posie rosy little things)
  5. Ice Skating Felt Ornament Craft Pattern (posie rosy little things)
  6. The stone and lace tree (knittalatte etsy shop)
  7. Felt gingerbread ornaments
  8. Cute christmas stockings
  9. Tartan Christmas elfs and Ornaments
  10. Cute festive appliques (pics 10,11,12,13)Im loving the cat!


Sarah said...

Love your cards! So cute. And your hair might just look a bit like mine - I have a cut similar to the first picture, but with a long fringe. I love the feeling of newly short hair - freedom!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Why thank you Sarah, the cards are based on a little china figurine I have from my Gran. The hair (or lack of) feels fantastic. Im sitting here cool as a cucumber as we speak and that in itself is freedom!

Pip Pip Hooray said...

That blue Christmas tree is incredible!! I'm in love with it!!

Love your cards too! ♥

objectsofwhimsy said...

Why Thanks!

The colour scheme in the stone lace tree photo is beautiful. Im still looking for the source kills me that I lost it.

bobbi said...

I like christmas crafts, I wish there was more time for it. I can't start crafting for Christmas in September like a lot of people do, I'm not in the right mood.

I have stopped by because your cat looks a bit like one of mine!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Susanna looks a little naughty like my Tilly. We call Tilly Tilla Godzilla when she is bad which is a lot of the time. :)
I am not really organised either Iam when it is for my clients or other people but when its for me Im so slack its unbelievable!
PS I love your Christmas tree and house and Susanna looks suitably impressed with her decoration!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

would the stone and crochet have been a margaret oomen from 'resurrection fern'? it looks like hers...?
and hey, i like you gocco's too! did you have to colour in many?

objectsofwhimsy said...

Ill go anfd look her up thanks for the tip.
Im a very fast colourist its my method of illustration and drawing. So not so slow for me but maybe a little slow for others but its fun to do and very therapeutic. :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

oooh! I just found Margaret her blog is beautiful (Im off to subscribe) and she had the link to that beautiful crochet stone tree. So Ive fixed the link now

Thanks again!