28 February 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

Yep its the big day and have had a lovely birthday so far. Station Hotel was lovely...... food unbelievably good, wine well matched and creme brulee dessert mind blowing. Had to roll myself out of the door to the car. Got some lovely 'fressents' I was a very lucky girl. Spent the morning with my brother my sisterinlaw and my beautiful niece and nephew at the Sth Melbourne markets......the kids were very excited. Tonight will take it easy and relax with a very big week of work ahead of me. Ill post some fressy pics later on the lighting is not good for taking pictures at the moment.
Have a good week!

my sweet little Chickadees!

27 February 2010

A grey ol Saturday morning

Hi all

it was a really grey and dark morning that threatened to rain but in the end happy just to give spitty little nothings. I love this sort of weather (minus the humidity) with the colours all vibrant in contrast to the grey and that lovely fresh rain smell. Well we set off this morning to try out the Auction Rooms Cafe for some brekky I had read a nice write up and had it on my list of places to try. 
Reluctantly steered the car away from Dibellas (very hard to do) and turned down Erroll St, found a park and headed to Auction Rooms. I love North Melbourne and it is on reflection my favourite suburb in Melbourne. I love the quirky and slightly dank feel to the place. I love the remoteness of it on weekends when the commercial tenants arent around and the nice wide streets with tree planted islands running down the middle. Then there is the abundance of pubs and I mean real pubs with wood panelling, old carpet and the smell of stale beer that only years of spillage can produce aaaahhhhhhh! Ive decided to try very hard to live here one day, unfortunately the expensive hovel is the most common rental in this suburb. 
Still onto my travels this morning..... not only did we visit AR but I was fortunate to chance upon a sweet little shop called Ramona tienda but more on that later.......

Auction room Cafe
103-107 Errol Street
North Melbourne

 Auction Rooms Cafe

The coffee was a bit ordinary nothing to write about nothing to complain about Stans flat white was fine my latte was a bit on the cool side I mean a coffee shouldn't be sip hot but also shouldn't be so cool that you can drink it like a glass of water. Milk was the dominant flavour even when I had specifically requested a strong latte.
Poached eggs spinach smokey bacon and mushroom
I love a mushroom that's a real field mushroom chunky like steak these were good big brown chunks. Delicious eggs just right oozing not runny or dry overall very eatable. Bread crusty but not hard. Very nice.
Not a bad though the staff seemed flustered which was transferring to patrons even though it wasnt overly busy.
"Hot latte"  announced the girl as she placed my second coffee in front of me as opposed to a cold latte? I thought.... not quite sure what she was referring to here since I could put my hand round the glass and hold or quite comfortably. Still they were very friendly and pleasant.
Not a bad place... food was very good, coffee drinkable, a choice of table sizes private and shared. Coordinating drinks with food seemed a little tricky but the people were friendly and helpful. The front house hostess was the one thing that slightly irked me but seems to be the trend for some places and not a problem for most Im sure but I like to go to a place and find my own seat. It makes me feel like a kid when I have someone choosing my seat for me. 

Ramona tienda
113 Errol St
North Melbourne

Proprietor: Ramona Raven

 Ramona tienda
Found a lovely gem of a shop just down from the Auction Rooms Cafe. A calm and inviting space housing an intriguing and well balanced collection of design pieces to be had from jewellery, stationary and giftware, lighting, clothing and accessories, to homewares and furniture. Some of the labels are familiar some Ive not seen before. The eclectic range consists of locally made woven floor rugs, to South Australian pottery vessels. There are products sourced from as far away as USA and Korea. My favourite is the Satsuma Press Stationary range and the beautiful woven fashion items and rugs from local producers World Weave.
A really lovely place to visit and to buy a gift for someone or something special for yourself. I will be revisiting very soon without husband in tow so I can fully enjoy the experience. Its a bit hard to do with jingling car key sounds in the background.

'tienda'  spanish for 'small booth, or 'shop'

If you would like to see what Ramona has in the tienda you can visit her website @ www.ramonatienda.com
or pop into her blog when you have finished here and say hello! www.ramonatienda.blogspot.com/ 

 Off to the Station Hotel Footscray tonight for my birthday treat (yes its my birthday tomorrow) compliments of Stanley. I plan on enjoying some Tassie wine and fab food. Ill post later on so check back later!!!! Thanks to everyone who has sent me happy birthday wishes most gratefully recieved makes me feel very special!!!! love to everyonexxxxxx 

20 February 2010

A little late but we are finally here............

 Hello friends
been having network problems this week and so hopefully its all sorted for now. Ive been wanting to post about my visit to a lovely cafe which is in Degreaves Lane just off of Flinders St in Melbourne. Ive also wanted to post about the CWC (Creative Womens Collective) which is having their first group gathering today @ 10am. Ive got a busy day planned which also involves travelling to Canterbury to get my haircut I cant wait my hair currently looks like a bushel on my head a bit like Moss from It Crowd (love that show!)

So it will be a quick post hope you have a great day!

glass of Ninth Island Sparkling NV

2nd glass of Ninth Island  and Stans new hat!

delicious orichetto mmmmmm!

City Hatters a Melbourne icon and Stans hat heaven.

11 Degraves St 

Melbourne 3000 VIC

Orichetto Italian sausage green beans garlic and chili free glass of house wine -  $18.50

House wine red very drinkable judging by Stan's willingness to partake in more than one glass

Pasta was unbelievablely good the flavours were conjourjng up images of a short stocky Italian granny slaving over big steamy pans on a wood stove….really delicious probably the best Italian dish Ive had in a long while.

Coffee in two words not the best coffee ever but good flavour temperature and presentation no complaints here either.

Worth a visit if you want somewhere a little quieter to eat and drink but still want to feel part of the Degreaves buzz this is the place to go. The service is always good too.

We also paid a visit to City Hatters that day finally Stan bought a new Panama hat yay!

13 February 2010

Artist: Donna Marcus

Hi Everyone
Ive been a bit under the weather these last couple of days but feeling a little better today well feeling at least like I can post on my blog.
While laying in bed sick I was able to surf through my favourite blogs one of my all time favourites is American designer/blogger/author Lena Corwin ~ o ~ her recent post showed a lovely arrangement of plates on a wall. The grouping featured 2 plates with her own designs.
Looking at the image made me think of a wonderful Australian Artist/ Sculptor Donna Marcus. Some of you may have seen her wonderful work. Her website isn't live yet but you can find her work at www.diannetanzergallery.net.au she also has some work in the collection of the Museum of Art and Design in New York. She is also featured on dhub the online presence of the powerhouse museum. 

Donna's work included in this post is from 2006 a series called Parlour it can be seen on dianne tanzer gallery site. It is a collection of work that uses found domestic objects repeated to create beautiful compositions of colour, shape and pattern from everyday objectsthe ones used in this series are anodised aluminium saupan lids.
I have also included random images thatI feel respond to Marcus's work but are not necessarily artwork just a grouping of objects. I hope you enjoy it.

 Hall by Donna Marcus, 2006

 Parlour by Donna Marcus, 2006

Sunroom, by Donna Marcus, 2006

 Parlour Series by Donna Marcus, 2006

 Crochet potholders the design files


Custom artwork by Lucy King using recycled china

09 February 2010

Saturday Market Sth Melbourne

Saturday morning took Stan and myself to the South Melbourne Market. Since being in Melbourne we have always said we would go but just haven't got round to it.  I also had another reason for going that being

St Ali
12-18 Yarra Pl
South Melbourne VIC

I had heard and read some really good reviews about the cafe and even though I had visited it in its early days I was keen to have another visit and try its now famous coffee. So it seemed a good idea to combine both the market and the visit to St Ali.
Sadly St Ali didn't live up to it reputation. Reduced to getting take aways due to the long table wait, we consoled ourselves with the thought that at least we would get to try their coffee. So the fact that it was luke warm, and the coffee non existent and the faint suggestion of it was pretty bland in flavour at that point we weren't very happy. It was 11.00am and we still hadnt had a decent coffee or anything to eat. We headed onwards towards the market.

South Melbourne Market

Luckily the charm of the Sth Melbourne market began to work and what we found was a wonderful place to buy really good fresh fruit veg meat and deli products. There was also a variety of market stalls and some great ready to eat food stalls. 
On arriving the wonderful smells made us really hungry so first up we wanted to try the famous Sth Melbourne Market dimsim. We didn't know which stall it was - deceptively, all of the Asian stalls sold 'the' dimsim famous at Sth Melbourne Market. I have no idea whether the dimsim I ate was  the 'real deal'  but I ate it and it was delicious so was happy with that. Still feeling hungry we bought a wonderful chicken pie for me and Stan had a fetta and spinach quiche from the Aroma Bakery shop 11 & 12 which we ate whilst drinking our coffee. Two little cakes were also purchased for later.  

Padre Coffee Sth Melbourne Market

We finally got our coffee and it was good.Padre Coffee Stall has only been there 2 weeks it has another shop in Brunswick East.

Padre Coffee
438 Lygon St
Brunswick East VIC

 Served in really cute white china bowls (love coffee in bowls) it tasted beautiful and was a real pleasure to drink seated in the market throng which had a nice smattering of a crowd without being Vic Market frenetic. 

Very Relaxing.

A quick visit to the Hemp Shop Stall 215 yielded a surprisingly well priced decent range of bamboo cotton and hemp clothing for women and men as well as other hemp and natural fibre products. Whilst I tried on clothes Stan had wandered into the stall across from Hemp no.73 and discovered Sword Wines

There he found a range of wines and beers to his liking and bought a few. He also found me a nice sparkly -  dry and lemony (just how I like it).
The wine was bought in returnable bottles You pay a bottle deposit $3 with your full bottles of wine then you bring the bottles back where your bottle deposit is returned or transferred to new bottles. The 'empties' are washed and sanitised ready for more wine. Great idea for the environment as well as the consumer. After this we headed for home.

I hope you all get to visit the market or feel the urge to visit if you haven't been in a while. It was a lovely experience for all ages.

from Aroma and consumed much later in the afternoon with a cup of tea.

New Books



I was a bit naughty on Saturday not only did I buy a skirt from Hemp but also bought 2 books the first is

Melbourne: The Making of a Drinking and Eating Capital by Michael Harden.

A really interesting  collective history of wining and dining culture in Melbourne. It wasnt always the diverse and integrated part of a Melburnian life as it is today. The images are beautiful and inspiring. Well worth the read

The second book is a fabulous book titled

Art Deco Fashion by Suzanne Lussier.  

Well balanced content of beautiful images and succinct historical information.

Both are avail at  Coventry Bookstore 265 Coventry st, South Melbourne (I havent put a link as it wasnt working)

06 February 2010

Philosphical thoughts about time and birthdays!

Hello friends!

made it to the weekend yay! How busy is this year already? God its only February which brings me to another topic….. I just cant seem to get my head around the speed at which time keeps hurtling me towards yet another birthday. I was spending a few quiet moments in the loo at work yesterday thinking this exact thought. How a minute, hour, day, month and throw in a year just dont physically feel the same length anymore. In fact if you can vaguely remember when you were a kid a 2 hour trip in the car felt like 6 hours and what would now feel like 6 seconds. Its ridiculous and it appears to me that as you get older time is transporting you very quickly at ferari speed towards major milestones just to get you out of the way to make room for someone else's turn in the light..….….…

Okay gloomy outlook..…and I know its because my birthday is fast approaching. On the upside Stan and I are going to celebrate my bday at the Station Hotel in Footscray. A quiet dinner for 2 on a Saturday night. 

Im a bit excited and a bit dismayed because
1. I love the food and wine list at the Station and
2. Its so rare that I go out to dinner for a 'date' - date = dressing up and putting on a bit of lippy.
Im ashamed to say that my lippy is the one (I only have one) I wore to my wedding 13 years ago and smells vintage like the old ones your Nana used to wear. Ive also lost the art of applying lipstick through lack of practice so it never looks quite that good anymore.
Still there is the food which really is amazing and the wine list very comprehensive all the best wine groups are well represented. My absolute die for is the Jansz sparkling cuvee their 2004 vintage named in the 100 topwines list and Im not at all surprised. Described as "A stylish sparkling with dried lemon peel and toasted nut aromas, some gentle white florals and nougat." < OMG I want one now!!!!! < mental note to myself: treat myself to a pre bday drink this evening > anyway back to the Station -the interior setting in the dining room is also lovely, enough to make you feel special but not overdone so you feel uncomfortable.
Im posting some pics of possibles gifts Im thinking of buying myself objects that I would like to have in my possession one day or something Id like to do. I'm at the very least going to buy myself a pressie this year maybe something off the list………who knows?

Heres the list with pics……enjoy!

Piero Fornasetti plates love them!
my fav of course combining 2 of my loves

love art glass particularly venini glass

George Nelson sunflower clock 1958

a french cycle with a basket Im not sure if its for riding or just admiring

Just a few of many objects I would love to own and covet. Have a nice day!

03 February 2010

midweek pixs

Sommers Bay, Tasmania

Edinburgh St Richmond, Melbourne
side street in melbourne

apples from my tree

Hi everyone hope you have all had a good day..... unfortunately I had a hell day at work so thought Id lose myself in blogland for some light relief. Decided to post some more random pics from the albums.

I like to take photos with my iphone and my handy little pocket camera on my travels through Melbourne. My new favourite app is the iphone photoshop app which lets me process my fotos on the go. I can edit them and save and export them on the go. It certainly makes the train trips to and from home more fruitful!

The pics Ive included are from my street art collection that I love, my apple harvest and Tassie my favorite place on earth.

02 February 2010

Goodbye January............Hello February!

vespa heaven ahhh!

 feather and bird

war of the worlds? new nth melb platform towers

The year is whizzing by at an alarming rate already January is gone and so we begin month number 2 of 2010. Yesterday on my way to work Stan and I stopped for a quick coffee when we reemerged 15 mins later parked out front was a bright orange vespa. I love the colour and I love the vespa scooter as a design object. Isnt it gorgeous!

My work collegue and friend Olivia is a very talent girl some of you might know her better as feather and bird  from etsy or caught up with her at Sisters Market you can currently find her at Rose St Market on Sundays. Pop by and take a look at her beautiful designs! I love my bird brooch (see above) and wear it often.

Just some more pix from the albums I thought you might like......... Nth Melbourne Railway Station, look like something out of a sci fi film.