14 April 2010

10 things

 love these stockings I found!

Thought I might contribute to 10 things found on Pip Licolnes blog meetmeatmikes.  Here goes......

1. I married my husband for his surname (Bordeaux for Rooney a nobrainer I say!)
2. I have 3 coffees a day all before lunch.
3. I own a house by the sea in remote Tasmania and love it.
4. I only ever ate Red Tulip chocolate which meant only eating chocolate at Easter for approx 25 years of my life. I have now discovered Lindt Mint dark chocolate which means I eat it all year round.
5. Im  allergic to pork
6. Im lefthanded and still cant crotchet because I cant follow the instructions something to do with lefthandedness I guess.
7. I love living in Melbourne but my heart hurts for Tassie a lot of the time.
8. I have a new little neice called Pearl.
9. I love my cat Tilly and I talk to her everyday.
10. I sing all the time and whistle everyday.