30 October 2010

What am I listening too at the mo...........

Tis is what Im listening to at the mo
baby its cold outside CD ABC you can find it here
love this perfect even when its hot outside!

Loving this space: Collected by Tas-ka


love this book! (a book on modern interiors)  not sure where I saw this........but enjoy the pics

Enjoy the wet day if youre in the Southern end of Australia but dont those gardens look splendid with the water particularly the roses. 

28 October 2010

my coffee to kickstart the morning

I do make my own coffee.
I have a cheap Sunbeam in bright red cost me $120 (bargain) if you let it heat up it makes a perfect coffee creme and all. The secret is in the grinder (it cost more than the coffee machine!!) took me awhile to work out the best grind for the machine. Oh and the right coffee bean is a must so its Dibellas Felici my favourite all rounder for flavour.
Dibellas is excellent for beans and coffee the secret is that you get a complimentary coffee if you buy a bag of beans.......has me convinced because I drive there regularly from Footerscray to Nth Melba to partake in the Dibella magic....mmmmmmmm!

27 October 2010

Ken Done Classics, a wonderful weaving find and knitting patterns!!!!

Dont you just love it when you think to yourself Ill just pop into that opshop for a quick squizz..............and find some wonderful things that make your day. I know I do. Today I did just that and came home with these and a lovely little creamy white occasional table and a nice cardie for the man. All for under 25 bucks. Love it!

Lovin the jelly sandals and bright colours!

An exercise book jammed with how to weave research!

Teenage Dolly Fashion!

A fat vinyl folder full of fab knitting patterns
Cant imagine wearing wool to the beach in 45 degree heat but loved the pattern all the same.

23 October 2010

embroidered table centre cloth

How lucky am I my dear friend Priti brought me back a gift from Gujurat in Northern India I love it so much it is pinned to my studio wall so I can see it better. Thanks Priti!!!!
woollen embroidered table centre piece

Mad Men Me

Hee hee hee!!! loads of fun has music so hit the "no sound" on your pooter if your at work if not start jiving to the groove and create your mad men persona. (See mine below)
how good do I look!
Big thanks to firsthouseontherightblog for pointing me in the right direction

Fruit Trees and Flowers

We almost had summer we did honest? not that you would guess if you were looking out my window at the grey wet Saturday morning that greets me. Luckily I managed to snap the glorious flowers that have appeared in my garden supersized by all the rain in the few sunny days we had during the week. The fruit trees have also been loving the rain and put on a wonderful show of blossom which means lots of fruit mmmmmm!

the size of a bread and butter plate!

Cabbage rose

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

Im thinking lots of cherries this year!


13 October 2010

Thanks to Pip!

Id been a little disgruntled you see. Id let 'other' things take precedence. So when I popped into meetme@mikes to see how Pip was bobbing along this post certainly was  much needed and I almost didnt put my blog in the mix. Im so glad I did. I have some new blogfriends welcome aboard!! It made me realise how much I missed blogging I think what got me down is that I find blogger really clunky to use. Its adding images function drives me nuts it always seems so slow. So I have decided that Im going to do some research and find better ways of navigating the environment in which I blog and hopefully I will pick up a few tips along the way on how to post in a more efficient way. Ill let you know if I find any good ones. For today Im going to post a medley of images that were taken over the last couple of months that I intended to post so no nice groupings just a whole lot of variety........Enjoy!

my working companion

some teatowels I found on an oppy run