22 January 2011

Dana Barnes

the oversized granny squares that make me drool

crotchet and fibre queen herself!

closeup of the supersized grannysquares

her bedroom (sigh!)
her braided rug and cushions

one of her assistants (yes she has 2 assistants) crocheting a granny square

Good morning everyone its a lovely grey day in Melba today I thought I would start the day off  in cheery style with the delightful and absolutely crazy work of fibre artist Dana Barnes. This woman has taken crotcheting a granny square to another level. Im slightly obssessed with granny squares at the moment my own  tiny bundle of achievements pale into insignificance against these oversized relatives. I hope you love them as much as I do. 
PS: a little fact about the process: Dana has said that she has worn out 3 washing machines preparing the roving wool ready for crotcheting. Hmmm maybe not a project to try out at home! hee hee hee

Well must fly husband at door jingling keys we are off to Sth Melba Markets mmmm coffee here I come.


clare said...

W.O.W. amazing!

Sarah said...

LOVE those huge floor cushions - all the colours! And that last photo is hilarious!

Bianca said...

SHUT UP THIS IS TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT AWESOME! i love love love the chunkyness of it all. the photo of her hugging her chunky crochet is the best. thank you for finding and sharing such cool things. :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

I know I love that photo of her holding them she has a slightly mad look about her that all craft obsessed people seem to have.

Ky said...

No way! They're amazing. How awesome would it be to have some of them in ones home. I really must work on my crochet skill this year. I started learning last winter, but then just forgot about it.

objectsofwhimsy said...