05 January 2011

Designer Maker: Katie Thompson

Recreate is a cutting edge interior design range started by Katie Thompson in 2009.

Using pieces of discarded junk, Katie recreates a unique, recycled range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories, each piece infused with its own previous character but with a new function. By blending South African craftsmanship, with high end finishes and her own eclectic perfectionist flair, Katie creates an original end product with a new integrity that epitomizes the very best of South African design.

I am a fan of repurposing manmade objects to extend their life and to keep innovation alive. Katie's range of items are a wonderful example of repurposing discarded 'past their use by date' objects. These are just a few of her repurposed designs her site is definitely worth a visit.


E. said...

Great just great redesign!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i am loving it, i am loving it. i am very much drawn to the industrial feel, whilest it's not overpowering. ha! the female touch it must be...!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Im dying for that typewriter light its just so lovely. I really love how she retains the integrity of the repurposed objects. Youre absolutely right there is something 'right' about the female touch with the industrial feel.