29 January 2011

Drawing Challenge: Home

I really loved this challenge and thinking about how the home and heart are inextricably linked. When separated both suffer. One is rented and not quite loved as it should be and the other just aches to be back together.

Thanks to Milady Productions for hosting this weeks challenge: home.
Next weeks challenge theme is Sky & Scenery.
If you want to join in visit Lillis blog and put your name in.

Last weeks challenge: paper doll


Ariane Reichardt said...

wow, what a lively drawing, like it a lot - it's fresh and showes security of a home, also.

Milady Productions said...

Home is where the heart is indeed!
I have a home for kookaburras and wombats in my heart from my time in Australia. I love the free and playful sketch in a inky medallion!

Trollringen said...

I have a weakness for black and white pen and/or ink drawings, so this goes straight to my heart. For some reason, I missed your paper doll, don't know how that happend... maybe because I'm a bit demented too :)
Now I'll have to google wallabies, wombats and the rest of your home buddies. Just to make sure that I know exactely what they are... very exotic!
Have a lovely Sunday.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thankyou fellow Artists for your lovely comments. I think you might like some of my home buddies others you may want to avoid!

Elisabeth said...

I join Lilli and google some of those animals. All very exotic to me! It's one of my dreams, to see that kind of landcape in reality. That kind of home. So very diffrent from here. Lovely!

bobbi said...

I love wombats!!
You drawing is really really cute. i have a thing for ink too, even though when i draw i always have to add color because it relaxes me. But i love to look at black and white.

jasmin said...

i love this drawing - belated i know..... what is a 'jack jumper'.... should i know that?

objectsofwhimsy said...

jack jumper is a nasty little ant and when they get mad (well they are grumpy most of the time) they jump on the intruder and bite them. Echidnas love to eat them. The bite is really nasty too I have nests of them on my property but have never been biten because I give them the space they need. The upshot is I have lots and lots of gorgeous echidnas walking through my property and they keep the numbers down quite sufficiently.