02 January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! 2011

Well goodness here we are beginning a new year and anticipating or dreading? what it may bring us. NYE as per usual consisted of my partner and myself sharing champagne with the christmas tree lights on (for the last time) tacky TV going in the corner and us making resolutions/goals for the coming year. We really enjoy this type of interaction in fact we will sit and discuss our journey through life in depth over a quiet bevvy without much encouragement anytime of the year.

So what was decided as our resolutions, goals and pathways through 2011?

I need to lose 20kg (might take longer than a year but I have to start it) I have a strategy to nip in the bud the mindless 'Im bored eating habit' I have and that is to crotchet a granny square before I mindlessly eat a snack. (good one hey! might have a stack of blankets by the end of the year which would make great presents!)

I need to get some exercise in my life there is a YMCA just round the corner from me. So the Hube and I are going to join and we have set a goal of an hours exercise everyday for next 3 months and we will evaluate it at the end (over a bevvy no doubt!)

Be better organised in my daily life. I cant handle the stress of an unorganised life it really makes me not a nice person you know the shouty overstrung wire sort. I like to know what is happening and when it is happening and how it is going to happen. Im not big on surprises especially the nasty variety that make for a whole lot of stress. Since coming to Melba my life has been a take it as it comes type of lifestyle which can be eye twitchingly stressful at times.

Creatively my goals are (hopefully with the newly organised life) to:

Blog regularly I have plans to introduce some new regular weekly posts but more on that later!

Set monthly craft and design goals and see them through to the finish.

Think about some post graduate studies (I need to finish my deferred studies)

Keep drawing and designing in my journals (not so hard since I cant really go a day without some kind of drawing)

Join a local craft group. I would dearly love to join a crafting group so I can share the experience of crafting with like minded people.

Work in collaboration on a project. I love working in collaborations to achieve a project or venture. Since coming to Melba 3 yrs ago and not knowing anyone has seen me working solo for too long. Ill be on the look out in 2011!

Well thats about it for me whats on the cards for you in 2011 any exciting plans or ideas or radical changes to ones lifestyle? If you have any resolutions or goals and youre dying to share them feel free to add them here I would love to know what your plans are!

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