19 January 2011

I covet: my Grandmothers craft in progress

Well Wednesday will bring another new post feature for 2011 "I covet".
"I covet" will be about things I value and why.

For the first "I covet" post I have chosen some of the things I chose from my Grandmothers estate when she passed away. While others were squabbling over TVs and jewelry I happily chose things that reminded me of my Gran. They all thought I was slightly bonkers when I retrieved items out of the trailer ready for the tip.
But the joy I experience when I look at these items that still smell like my Gran wont be had with a diamond  brooch she never wore. I figure if I want a diamond brooch I can always buy my own. 
 The items Im showing today are these unfinished knitting projects wrapped in a beautiful white linen napkin. These I found in the same bag with her wire rack of embroidery cottons still with such vivid colour and those beautiful wooden reels just heavenly.

I wonder if you have precious mementos such as these that are all about emotional value rather than monetary. If you would like to share please do would love to hear about it.


Sarah said...

Oh I'm with you! I would love to have personal treasures like that from my grandmothers. I have old china mainly, that I adore. And an old chair.

objectsofwhimsy said...

still nice mementoes Im sure.

Ky said...

You chose well. So special that you have things that her hands made.
Just found you via your comment on perpetual one.

Ky x

objectsofwhimsy said...

Welcome aboard Ky I hope you enjoy your time here. Yes I love the fact that she has cast these stitches and knitted the pattern. The unfinished pink jacket is knitted in a really complex stitch on the skinniest of needles I cant work out what it is.

morgandkim said...

they are beautiful indeed.