24 January 2011

Monday #2 Brigita Ozolins

I had the great fortune to study under this very talented and prolific Artist. Based in Hobart Tasmania, Brigita is well respected amongst her peers both nationally and internationally. Her work ethic is phenomenal and her work very interesting a combination of installation, art and design. Please when you get the time visit her website you wont be disappointed. As part of her art projects Spogulis 2007 about her return to her mothers birthplace Lativia Brigita kept a blog. It makes the most fascinating read about her personal journey worth checking out also.

I have my work cut out for me, 2001

Look On, 2005


The truth shall make you free, 2007

The truth shall make you free, 2007

Still As, 2006

SPOGULIS, National Library of Latvia, 2007

SPOGULIS, National Library of Latvia, 2007

Artist Statement

I make art about the links between language, knowledge, history, bureaucracy and identity, themes that stem from my interests in the book, the word and the library. To convey my ideas, I use a wide range of materials including books, handwriting, digital media, furniture, office equipment, signwriter's vinyl and mirrored perspex. My work usually takes the form of installation, is often text-based and site-specific, and sometimes incorporates ritualistic writing performances.

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