13 January 2011

A new top, some new wool and some crafty paper

Its been sale time at Spotlight for the last couple of weeks so I dropped in for some bargains actually Im looking for a new sewing machine but of course didnt leave the place empty handed.

TOP: Im planning on creating a variation of an existing top that I have. Just varying the neckline and shoulder detail.
WOOL: The wool has already become granny squares! Ive completed 4 and still crotcheting like a mad thing. Its what I do instead of snacking in front of the telly at night.
PAPER: I love paper and some of the scrapbooking paper that is available is so gorgeous. I fell in love with these cheap and cheery packs.
LUNCH: My Tuna Bean Salad. Its about the only dish I want to eat in this muggy weather. It makes for a great leftover lunch for work as it doesn’t have lettuce or other veggies that tend to go soggy if stored in the fridge. Best thing is its great for the waistline.

Approx 230 calories per serve.

INGREDIENTS: Tuna 400g tin (I used pink salmon this time)
1x400g can of 4 bean mix rinsed/strained
 1 cup of diced red pepper/capsicum
1 cup of diced cucumber
½ cup of baby beets cubed
½ cup of parsley cut into the salad in bits
2 Tsp of plain yogurt
¼ cup of  fish brine from can
Drizzle of olive oil
Juice of a lemon
1 tspn of turmeric
1tspn of cracked black pepper

Basically mix all salad vegetables and beans together in a bowl. Add brine, oil, lemon juice. Add fish. Add turmeric, pepper and parsley. Mix together taking care not to turn the fish into mush. Serve and top with plain yogurt a sprinkle of turmeric and pepper for colour.

Then eat……… MMMM!

Whats for lunch at your place today?


Bianca said...

oooh! i am excited to see what the top will look like. the drawing is super sweet!

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes very cute but Ive been talking to my Mum who is a sewing whizz and she thinks it material might be too heavy for a top so it might become a wrap around skirt with polka dot trim either way I love the pattern as for the top I will find a lighter grey fabric but still go with the yellow polka dots methinks!

Tracey said...

Hello :) This is my first visit to your blog! Nice to meet you, I am a Melbournian myself - from Sunbury. But now live in Adelaide. Your cat is supercute, and actually looks like it could be my cat's twin. The grey fabric is lovely - Spotlight you say? I'll have to go to check that out I think.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Tracey!!
now fancy that Im originally from Adelaide now living in Melbourne (via Hobart). I would love to see your kitty Kat sometime. I wonder if she is as high maintenance as our dear Tilly.....

Tracey said...

You are too clever. x