07 February 2011

Drawing Challenge: Home + Stilllife

My Favorite Plate
Focussing on the everyday objects around my house ones I use everyday.
I go out of my way to use this plate everyday the colour and pattern feed me creatively as well as physically. Often the way possessions and objects unconsciously come together in groupings that visually please me will cause me to stop what Im doing and reflect. This is what I feel when I combine home with still in my everyday life.


Felicity said...

I love that you used the term 'art of living' in this piece!
It so resonates with me as does your image and your description.
It's the little things placed just so, the type of cutlery used, the bowl of flowers or a special ritual shared.

All of these things help us to make our everyday lives richer and more beautiful and I thank you for sharing this.

I look forward to seeing you at my place on Thursday where I'll share the next installment in my own 'Art of Living' series,

Felicity x

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I do know that feeling. Also those moments when you see the patterns in the laundry and the beauty they make together, the plate towards the colours in a salad, a gift wrap combined with the carpet someone left it on... The beauty of a home, regular life, the mess.

Elisabeth said...

And I like your drawing!
See you again in the Sky this Saturday.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
thank you for the hint.
I like your picture home with still in your everyday life. "This is not a plate, a fork a mere life in still" - I love it! Do you know Surrealist Painter René Magritte "This is not a pipe"? So your painting have many levels...
congrats - see you next saturday with sky-scenery?

Milady Productions said...

Hello Helen,
Bold, fun drawing playfully drawing me in to deep philosphical ponderings...i know what its like to love a particular plate or dig for just the right fork! The art of creating what makes us feel the most comfy :Home.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thanks lovely ladies! yes Ariane I do know Rene Magritte "ce n'est pas une pipe" It is one of my favourite conceptual artworks. Im working on my sky and scenery its a little different cant wait to see what you gals come up with too!

jasmin said...

hi... sniffle.... splutter.... great idea.... sneeze, sneeze... don't you just love being part of the weekly drawing gathering?.... sniff.... but helen where are you from if Australia is not your original home...? and how old is your daughter? i am off to bed with vicks on my poor sore throat...splutter....

objectsofwhimsy said...

Jazz you sound terrible well in writing that is...... poor thing. I am from Australia born bred and still here. Started in SA moved to TAS now in VIC. My daughter is now 23!!!!!! eek scary to write that I was a young mother ;) go and get well and work on that next challenge.