12 February 2011

Drawing Challenge: Sky + Scenery

Drawing Challenge: Sky and Scenery

This week was probably more about process than anything conceptual. Using photoshop in a rudimentary way to create my little scene. The urge to let lines lie as they appeared and not erase them was quite hard. I realise that perfection is sought after in the computer generated work whereas we are more forgiving in the use of ink and paper.

I had other ideas more in line with my usual process of drawing and staging and documenting in photos but I had to adapt to the fact that natural light has been non existent in Melbourne this week and therefore change my expectations of what the end work would look like.

I dont love it and I dont dislike it.

Looking forward to seeing the others: Stephanie, Elisabeth, Ariane, Jazz, LilliRachel and Hanna Happenings please forgive if Ive left anyone out or let me know and Ill add you in!


jasmin said...

I think it's great.
Is it computer drawing over a photo of a painting?
I love the sky.... and as I write this have just remembered that is our theme for the week. i just love the black inkyness of it.
i have done mine too. still to be posted. but WHO is the host this time? I think that it has become you maybe. Lilli seems to still be lost in the woods.

objectsofwhimsy said...

thanks Jazz yes it is a photo of a mixed media work (paint and ink) then manipulated into a curved shape for the photograph then photoshopped. I like the sky too. Cant wait till you post yours. As for hosting this week it was Stephanie who took over from Lilli but she had to go to her 'show' and was out of town Im happy to host this weeks theme which would be 'patchwork'. So lets see what happens Ive drafted up a post its sitting there waiting final decision.

Rachel said...

i will have some skies when our sun rises here in the US.
and i love your sky and house and tree and swing. magical.

objectsofwhimsy said...

thanks for the feedback Rachel Ill add you in and I look forward to seeing your response to scenery and sky.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Hello Helen,
your drawing is amazing! Many associations are able to think about. For instance the stars...they are the symbols of male and female...together. So what a night!

And I've posted my *drawing* if you care to have a look.

Elisabeth said...

Perfect, Helen! I'd like to be in that picture. Climbing that tree. Swinging.

I'm a bit confused now. I called you the host this week in my post, as I saw your list of participants and thought you had made a good structure. And now I read about 'patchwork' for next week. Are we in order now: you are hosting us for next Saturday with patchwork? If I understood everything correctly. I think it's an inspiring word and I am definitely in! See you...

hanna-happenings said...

Hi Helen,
I´m in with sky as well :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Elisabeth Im a little confused too ;) Im just putting up my hand if there is noone else for this weeks theme. Maybe we wait for Stephanie to get back from her show and then we can make a decision form there. But I would like to put my thesme patchwork onto the list and Im happy to do it this week if necessary or wait till its my turn. Hope that makes sense :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Ps Ive added you in Hanna Happenings (sorry I dont know your name!)

Milady Productions said...

Helen, you daredevil you!
I love the bold unexpected fearlessness of your sky! I am too looking to become more able in photoshop. I think it is an amazing tool.

objectsofwhimsy said...

I forgot to say that I chose a naive style intentionally it made me laugh when I read your comment Stephanie because I teach Photoshop for a living heh heh heh. I felt slightly deceptive letting you think I was a novice. My husband thought it was hilarious hes a bad man sometimes.... By the way if you want to know how to do something in photoshop let me know.....I can whip up a tute if necessary. :)