09 February 2011

excited!!!!!! crafting matriarchs are coming to stay!

Not them but how I remember them as a kid they were very
groovy, gorgeous and fashionable.
Mostly by their own hand.

Yes they are......... its confirmed they will be spending a week with me to whip me into craftershape and I cant wait.

Who are these matriarchs you may ask? Well, one is Margaret my mother the other is Aunty Glad.
They will be catching The Overland train to Melbourne (they like the train) and then staying with me and the hubby and my house will be transformed into crafting heaven.
I will be receiving instructions from them in crocheting, knitting and sewing for the week.

Im feeling slightly nervous about putting my rather rudimentary skills on the table I mean we are talking serious craftswomen here and some of the best display of skills Ive seen.

My Aunty's crocheting is so intricate and complex, Im hoping that she wont be too frustrated with my beginners luck I did teach myself afterall and I know I dont hold the wool right yet.
As for my Mum she is just plain scary she doesnt use patterns when she sews she doesnt bat an eyelid cutting straight into $100/m fabric. She can sew anything from intricate corsetry to bridal wear. Her knitting is also awe inspiring.
At least shes aware of my crafting limitations.
Many a time we have held each other up as we cried with laughter at one of my 'creations' which she has then remedied into something wearable. But Im hoping my Aunty Glad is going to take me past the granny square stage and attempt an actual crochet pattern.

Im thinking it might be best to have specific projects in mind but all in all I think it will be a week of wool, fabric, needles and hooks and I cant wait!!!!!!

Ill promise to take some pics so you can see pure skill in action (them not me of course!)


Lyndel said...

Oh Helen, lucky lucky you! What fun, and how lucky you are to have such gifted women in your life. My knitting inspiration came from my Grandad's cousin, who was my Godmother, She used to WRITE knitting patterns for the wool companies. Unfortunately she passed away when I was too young to appreciate her work.
Can't wait to see what Mum, Aunty Glad and you get up to.♥

Elisabeth said...

Crafting matriarchs should rule the world :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

all bow to the ruling matriarchs!

jasmin said...

how devine.... can you make scones? (not that i know that you are an ozzie, i thought you were french for some odd reason) at least make a good batch of those every day and they will forgive all.
as for my mother - born in Africa - i don't think she has ever touched a ball of wool or looked at a cake recipe in her life!

objectsofwhimsy said...

its the last name acquired through marriage ;) unfortunately Iam an aspiring hopeless cook. When my Livvy was little she would tell me that the teacher said that it would be ok for me to buy little cakes for the cake stall rather than make them! She was a realist and noone would buy my roofing shingles (thats what they looked like) covered in lumpy icing. Not sure why......

Georgina said...

Oh your mum sounds amazing! Quite a tragedy that these skills of our mothers and grandmothers are being lost and we have settled for buying things made by the thousands in factories.
Will be keen to see your pics and read the crafting adventures...