21 February 2011

Good Morning!!

What Im eating:

What Iam making:

What I hope to make soon:

opshop find

What Im listening to:

ABC Local Radio

What Im planning to visit:

Mirka Mora

What Im working on:


Well after the excitement of the weekends drawing challenge Ive decided to start the week with a lovely project inspired by Her Library Adventures. Ive been wanting to crochet one big square for a cushion for awhile now I think Im ready for it so when I saw Sophies lovely efforts I really had to start one right then and there......well ASAP. A coupla rounds here.......a different colour there and look how far I got without even trying!
The only trouble is I had great intentions for finishing off my wrap around skirt? but just didnt feel up to it. Next week Ill get to it no worries.

Do you not just adore these woolly legs? I do!
 Im thinking it might be one of the projects for when Matriarchs arrive next week hopefully. Patriarch (Uncle) had a hospital visit scheduled for next week so Matriarchs may have to delay visit.

I hope not because I had plans for a picnic at Heide Museum of Modern Art with a visit to see the wonderful and inspiring Mirka Mora exhibition.
Fingers crossed!

A superfood packed breakfast: Oatflakes, cinnamon, blueberries, skimmilk, homemade plain yogurt.

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Elizabeth said...

I do love those rainbow happy stockings, too! Those must take forever to knit though (at least for me, as I am a sloooooowwww knitter...)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Elizabeth!

yes Im not a fabulously fast knitter either but I figure that once you got going they are that long you would just have to get quicker as you progressed along....well Im hoping thats what could happen otherwise they might just be kneehis or anklets :)

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Wowsas! I love the fact you:

1) can crochet

2) like those tights (they're wonderful!)

3) listen to ABC radio.

Three good things about you! Please show the tights when you've done them!

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I have that book too! I also found it at the op-shop :D I love listening to the ABC radio. I sleep with Tony ;) most weeknights lol

Agata Ma Piec said...

mmmmmm that's what i call breakfast :D
love the with colorful tights! you should check swedish hasbeens, they had clog/boots like that!not that anyone could afford them ;)))

objectsofwhimsy said...

clogboots Im off to look!!!

Tracy did you spy some of the other wonderful pics in the book my favourite is the girl in the blue dress with gladiator footware that crisscross up her legs! oh and the golf club cosies!

Im not sure my legs are fit enough to model the socks I showed the husband the picture and my intention and he howled with laughter and then said thats a lot of wool! well I never!

www.finelittleday.com said...

I like your making :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

thanks Elisabeth :)

jen storer said...

NIce nice nice! Hope you get to Heidi, its a great show esp as they have MMs dolls which are so inspired and quirky and take-homeable.
Great leg attire! jx

jen storer said...

NIce nice nice! Hope you get to Heidi, its a great show esp as they have MMs dolls which are so inspired and quirky and take-homeable.
Great leg attire! jx

Bianca said...

that book looks so good!!

objectsofwhimsy said...


Im very excited now that you have said her dolls will be there can I take photos (no flash)? do you know? I will take the camera anyway.

The book is good!!! so good in fact methinks it may deserve a post of its own.

jasmin said...

hi helen
you had a similar breakfast to me - i posted it too.

for years i have wanted to spend an entire day/weekend/week at the heide museum.
i am seriously obsessed with that time in australian art history and all the artists that came from there in various ways.
how far out of the city of melbourne is it?
can you catch a train there??

get ready to whisper ......

I heart sew said...

I love this post! your breakfast looks scrumptious!