08 February 2011

I covet: Moominland

Okay I dont own these and probably never will but if I did I would covet these.
Noone but I would be able to touch them.
I would move them around the house with me so I could look at them as much as I needed too.
They would become my constant companions..............here are yet again some objects that could lure me away from the sunny shores of Australia to the cold climes of Europe.
Yes, Im pretty certain I would move house for these.
Sounds insane right?


Lyndel said...

mmmm insane??? nah! they are just adorable.♥

objectsofwhimsy said...

oh lordy Lyndel I just had a quick squizz of your blog and I love your inkwells. Ill be popping back in for a better look real soon :)

Olivia said...

Oh...these are sooo lovely. Birthday present? Hint hint :D