26 February 2011

The Little House of Sickness

Welcome to the house of Gastro
Wednesday: Matriarchs arrive pick them up from train station go home.
Thursday: Spend lovely day with Matriarchs opshopping (found some marvellous things more on that later) headed home and Aunty Glad felt a bit odd after eating her fish for lunch but thought it was indegestion.
Friday: I head to work feeling a little off leaving Matriarchs at home to do their thing. Get to work drank my coffee and 10 minutes later I knew that bad things were brewing in the tummy region. Crawled back home after 2 x train rides and a bus trip (I thought I was dying) fell into bed after inspecting Aunty also in bed.
Saturday: Im ill still after awful night, Husband has also gone down with same bug and is in bed too. Mother is fine poaching eggs and stuffing face with toast. hmmmm!

Ill be back later when Ive recovered and I dont get pains in my fingers as I type........enjoy your weekend!


Felicity said...

Oh poor you.

I had this yesterday and although it's lingering a little today it seems to have 'left the building' so to speak.

I hope that you're all feeling a lot better soon.
Vegemite on toast and lots of water have been the key so far.

xxxxx! Felicity

Rachel said...

Oh, I can't imagine much worse. Feel better, already!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

aw - get better soon! spending extra time in bed is sometimes heaven, even if you're feeling poorly... no?

Kate said...

Ugh! Its been a house of sick here too.
Let's hope our place and your place are all better and stronger tomorrow.

jasmin said...

oh no, helen thats terrible! I hate that feeling. The only upside is that you can think of it as one big detox...

so perhaps a belated whisper ....?

much love, jazz

Milady Productions said...

ugghhhhhh you poor things!
a visit they'll soon not forget! you'll laugh about it later.
you asked about Pikabootcamp - its online on a schedule. you have your assignments, due dates, probably some virtual instruction.
you all share your process.
great bunch of people over there!

feel better! xoxo

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
get well! Hope you'll feel better soon.
All the best,

Betty Jo said...

It struck me down yesterday too. And the worse thing was the water was turned off for the day....don't ask.
I'm hoping your bug has left after the regulation 24 hrs visit.
Today I'm starving so that is a good sign!

Elisabeth said...

Oh no. Drink small sips of tea. Get well soon!

Bianca said...

oh no!! feel better soon! rest, snuggle, dream, drink fluids, sleep... :)