14 February 2011

Morning all how was your weekend?

I tried this:

air dry clay

I finished this:

a dolls blanket...Tilly likes the loose ends!

I longed for these:

Anthropologie how I love thee....

2: granny square dolls blanket


Felicity said...

What a productive weekend!
I love the colours in your blanket and your production assistant supervising the layout!

Here's to a terrific week ahead,

Felicity x

Milady Productions said...

Hi Helen,
Patchwork it is! I see you are already patchworking. I just was in anthropolgy about 10 minutes ago.
The mothership - thats what i call it!

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes but no sight of it here in the land of oz. Has the elusiveness of an ikea chain in the eighties.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh, eik. and then maybe, one day, anthropologie may befall the same commonness? hope not. i like it to be elusive like this. you should've seen my face when i hopped around the london store. i may have passed a few hours inside... easily.
well, there's always webhope and eye candy galore.

Claudia Lane said...

I love your blog! Am your newest follower.
Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find you...

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Claudia welcome to O of W your blog is lovely too.
I just want one Anthropologie it can be in Sydney but Oz to London is just a stretch too far to be a regular shopper. Though Sybella Court has working connections with Anthropologie so who knows what might transpire?
When I say ikea Im talking about how for a very long time Australia was off their radar. It was awful because you would only get to see bits and bobs when someone shipped it over with themselves. We really felt our remoteness from the rest of the world then let me tell you.

Agata Ma Piec said...

oh the clay thingies are so cute :) inspiring! have to think of sth like that for the kiddos room :)
real sweet!

and respect for the blanket;)

Bianca said...

i love all your little treasures you make. such a talented lady! and the kitty. meow! so sweet!