12 February 2011

what a coupla duffers!!

Oh boy! I truly wonder sometimes if my brain is getting addled as I get older.
Last night I found proof that it has.

The husband and I were tottling home after a couple of end of week drinkypoos at the pub when all of a  sudden there were  lovely red and blue disco lights lighting up the interior of the car.

It is a rare occasion when we are afforded the attentions of our constabulary but there they were indicationg that we pull over.

Husbands first comment was" its a good thing you arent driving" (I didnt think I was that bad...) and there was me thinking "hope the hub isnt over the limit".

We were worrying unduly of course..... they werent interested in our alcohol fumed breaths but rather the fact we were driving an unregistered car!!!!!!!


Id forgotten all about it and so had the hubby.

After the issuing of the fine (hate to think what its going to be) we drove straight home as requested and sheepishly paid our rego online.

There was none of the usual apportioning of blame as to whose fault it was rather a more general consensus that fault lay in the degeneration of brain cells due to impending old age.

What a coupla of duffas!


Sarah said...

Oh what a pain. But I'm so glad to read that you didn't blame each other!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

funny story, though. ;)

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes I know hee hee hee!

Olivia said...

You crazy delinquents!I think you will be up for $500....

objectsofwhimsy said...

bugga hope its not that much :(