05 February 2011

What Im listening to this grey rainy morning in Melba

Coffee machine is warming up.
Rain falling on roof smell of rain mingles with the smell of coffee beans.
Noone else is up yet.....that  lovely post-rain quiet.
Uggies on feet, dressing gown on, standing at the sink looking at the wet green garden listening to this sweet sounding man.
Just perfect?
well almost, that damn cat (see profile thumbnail) will not shutup! her annoying persistent "me first! biscuits nooooooow!!!!!" yowling.... sheesh! cant a girl set the scene for a nice quiet saturday morning without being interupted?


Lyndel said...

Enjoy your morning Helen. Over here in Burwood we've still got some mopping up to do after last night's deluge, had water pouring in the kitchen from overflowing gutters, sigh.
Not too bad, I'm not complaining, there are thousands of Aussies worse off than me from FNQ to Victoria, but it is a pain.
Think I'll have a second cup of tea before I start.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Blimey Lyndel sorry to hear that. Looks like youll have your work cut out for you today. Put some music on is my advice and treat yourself to nice glass of red when this evening.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

see... there IS a good reason why i don't have a cat. ;)))
picture of you standing there is quite sweet!
ps - if you've got the time, could you look up on those old wallpaper ideas you seemed to have? not that i'm saving a lot of paper up here...

objectsofwhimsy said...

oooh are you keeping them thats great let me know roughly the sizes. It was basically still on the wall but had the wallpaper ripped back revealing more wallpaper behind it. You could do that if the paper was in reasonable condition and then just put a clear finish over it. If you could only salvage smaal bits of the wallpaper oyu could create a collage of the same effect of layering wallpaper with the torn edge and frame the collage would look good on the wall methinks.

bobbi said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful song. There is something about old music...