26 February 2011

The Little House of Sickness

Welcome to the house of Gastro
Wednesday: Matriarchs arrive pick them up from train station go home.
Thursday: Spend lovely day with Matriarchs opshopping (found some marvellous things more on that later) headed home and Aunty Glad felt a bit odd after eating her fish for lunch but thought it was indegestion.
Friday: I head to work feeling a little off leaving Matriarchs at home to do their thing. Get to work drank my coffee and 10 minutes later I knew that bad things were brewing in the tummy region. Crawled back home after 2 x train rides and a bus trip (I thought I was dying) fell into bed after inspecting Aunty also in bed.
Saturday: Im ill still after awful night, Husband has also gone down with same bug and is in bed too. Mother is fine poaching eggs and stuffing face with toast. hmmmm!

Ill be back later when Ive recovered and I dont get pains in my fingers as I type........enjoy your weekend!

22 February 2011

Pearl's Room




car mosaics

vintage blanket

hand woven rug



This is my little niece Pearls room.

Her Mum Nicole is in the process of making Pearls room a space Pearly would like to spend time in.
Iam making Pearl a couple of cushions for her bed so took these photos for inspiration.
Im liking the colours of the pillow and curtains edged with the black from the rug.

What do you think?

21 February 2011

Good Morning!!

What Im eating:

What Iam making:

What I hope to make soon:

opshop find

What Im listening to:

ABC Local Radio

What Im planning to visit:

Mirka Mora

What Im working on:


Well after the excitement of the weekends drawing challenge Ive decided to start the week with a lovely project inspired by Her Library Adventures. Ive been wanting to crochet one big square for a cushion for awhile now I think Im ready for it so when I saw Sophies lovely efforts I really had to start one right then and there......well ASAP. A coupla rounds here.......a different colour there and look how far I got without even trying!
The only trouble is I had great intentions for finishing off my wrap around skirt? but just didnt feel up to it. Next week Ill get to it no worries.

Do you not just adore these woolly legs? I do!
 Im thinking it might be one of the projects for when Matriarchs arrive next week hopefully. Patriarch (Uncle) had a hospital visit scheduled for next week so Matriarchs may have to delay visit.

I hope not because I had plans for a picnic at Heide Museum of Modern Art with a visit to see the wonderful and inspiring Mirka Mora exhibition.
Fingers crossed!

A superfood packed breakfast: Oatflakes, cinnamon, blueberries, skimmilk, homemade plain yogurt.

You can learn about CSS here

19 February 2011

Drawing Challenge: Patchwork

Here it is my artwork for the patchwork challenge.
Ink drawings.
This is a patchwork of my sketches from my journal for my card range that I am in the process of handprinting/handcolouring. (very excited!)
Just leave a comment below when youve finished your challenge drawing cant wait to see them.....

Well the ideas and artwork responses to the theme are really quite amazing this is such an interesting exercise to see what can be interpreted by many individuals from a single word.
You can check out the works by clicking on the comments below and heading over to the individual blogs a nice way to spend some time on the weekend methinks!

14 February 2011

Drawing Challenge: Patchwork

Well last weeks drawing challenge was responded to in such a diverse range of ideas mediums and techniques. Its amazes me at how many creative people populate the planet.

This weeks theme (as designated by moi) is 'patchwork' this can be literal or conceptual. Im getting very excited to see what you wonderful people come up with.....roll on the weekend!

Mission: reminding us to draw, paint, conceptualise and create.

How it works: 
A host picks a theme, and posts the challenge on their blog.
Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. 
The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 

A new host is also presented for the following week.

So, are you in? The date to publish your drawings will be on the Saturday of each week

Let me know with a comment below if you are joining us for the challenge and Ill add you to this post with a link to your blog.

Participants this week so far are:

Morning all how was your weekend?

I tried this:

air dry clay

I finished this:

a dolls blanket...Tilly likes the loose ends!

I longed for these:

Anthropologie how I love thee....

2: granny square dolls blanket

12 February 2011

what a coupla duffers!!

Oh boy! I truly wonder sometimes if my brain is getting addled as I get older.
Last night I found proof that it has.

The husband and I were tottling home after a couple of end of week drinkypoos at the pub when all of a  sudden there were  lovely red and blue disco lights lighting up the interior of the car.

It is a rare occasion when we are afforded the attentions of our constabulary but there they were indicationg that we pull over.

Husbands first comment was" its a good thing you arent driving" (I didnt think I was that bad...) and there was me thinking "hope the hub isnt over the limit".

We were worrying unduly of course..... they werent interested in our alcohol fumed breaths but rather the fact we were driving an unregistered car!!!!!!!


Id forgotten all about it and so had the hubby.

After the issuing of the fine (hate to think what its going to be) we drove straight home as requested and sheepishly paid our rego online.

There was none of the usual apportioning of blame as to whose fault it was rather a more general consensus that fault lay in the degeneration of brain cells due to impending old age.

What a coupla of duffas!

Drawing Challenge: Sky + Scenery

Drawing Challenge: Sky and Scenery

This week was probably more about process than anything conceptual. Using photoshop in a rudimentary way to create my little scene. The urge to let lines lie as they appeared and not erase them was quite hard. I realise that perfection is sought after in the computer generated work whereas we are more forgiving in the use of ink and paper.

I had other ideas more in line with my usual process of drawing and staging and documenting in photos but I had to adapt to the fact that natural light has been non existent in Melbourne this week and therefore change my expectations of what the end work would look like.

I dont love it and I dont dislike it.

Looking forward to seeing the others: Stephanie, Elisabeth, Ariane, Jazz, LilliRachel and Hanna Happenings please forgive if Ive left anyone out or let me know and Ill add you in!

09 February 2011

excited!!!!!! crafting matriarchs are coming to stay!

Not them but how I remember them as a kid they were very
groovy, gorgeous and fashionable.
Mostly by their own hand.

Yes they are......... its confirmed they will be spending a week with me to whip me into craftershape and I cant wait.

Who are these matriarchs you may ask? Well, one is Margaret my mother the other is Aunty Glad.
They will be catching The Overland train to Melbourne (they like the train) and then staying with me and the hubby and my house will be transformed into crafting heaven.
I will be receiving instructions from them in crocheting, knitting and sewing for the week.

Im feeling slightly nervous about putting my rather rudimentary skills on the table I mean we are talking serious craftswomen here and some of the best display of skills Ive seen.

My Aunty's crocheting is so intricate and complex, Im hoping that she wont be too frustrated with my beginners luck I did teach myself afterall and I know I dont hold the wool right yet.
As for my Mum she is just plain scary she doesnt use patterns when she sews she doesnt bat an eyelid cutting straight into $100/m fabric. She can sew anything from intricate corsetry to bridal wear. Her knitting is also awe inspiring.
At least shes aware of my crafting limitations.
Many a time we have held each other up as we cried with laughter at one of my 'creations' which she has then remedied into something wearable. But Im hoping my Aunty Glad is going to take me past the granny square stage and attempt an actual crochet pattern.

Im thinking it might be best to have specific projects in mind but all in all I think it will be a week of wool, fabric, needles and hooks and I cant wait!!!!!!

Ill promise to take some pics so you can see pure skill in action (them not me of course!)

08 February 2011

I covet: Moominland

Okay I dont own these and probably never will but if I did I would covet these.
Noone but I would be able to touch them.
I would move them around the house with me so I could look at them as much as I needed too.
They would become my constant companions..............here are yet again some objects that could lure me away from the sunny shores of Australia to the cold climes of Europe.
Yes, Im pretty certain I would move house for these.
Sounds insane right?

07 February 2011

Monday #3: Sibella Court

Australian Stylist: Sibella Court

Sibella and Society Inc
18 Stewart Street Paddington, NSW
Wednesday – Saturday
10am til 5pm
Phone us: +612.9331.1592

Sibella + etcetera etc.
Packed with tips of the interior stylist’s trade, Etcetera is a lavishly photographed interiors book in which every image demonstrates a clear and easily replicable principle that will help transform a room without the need for expensive and permanent renovation. You can find it here.

Sibella Style
Sibella’s style invokes strong emotional responses by providing a sophisticated and original take on a brief. Her instinctual understanding of colour and form lends itself perfectly to both the large sets as well as the smallest still life. Sibella is a rare stylist that can equally work successfully with both an elaborate as well as simple environment.

Sibella + Donna Hay
Sibella’s highly creative and clever styling saw her collaborating with Donna Hay to develop the highly distinctive “simple, desirable and achievable” style that Donna’s brand now personifies.

Sibella + Anthropologie
Her most recent foray into the TV world was shooting an episode with US based Anthropologie store owner, Keith Johnson for his Sundance Channel show, ‘Man Shops Globe’. Based on her view & love of Sydney : its artists&craftspeople, restaurants, creatives, galleries, shops & distinct products. To be released mid 2010 With a continuing creative concept developer&curator for Anthropologie USA&UK, Sibella now calls Sydney home again but continues to live out her nomadic ways by travelling regularly around the globe for work and inspiration!

Sibella + Murobond
The Society inc’s Sibella Court and Murobond’s colourist Rowena Judd have worked closely over the past 2 years to develop 11 beautifully themed colour palettes.

My thoughts
Truly inspirational, I feel that Sibella Court will become in Australian terms, the Margaret Fulton of styling. What she brings to the table will have a generational effect on how Australians view and respond to their surroundings both in the home and the wider community.

Her travels around the world combined with her Australian foundation truly represent the multicultural threads of the Australian fabric.

Repurposing, recycling and reusing has been at the heart of her work longer than it has been fashionable. She is a true master of transcending an object of its original function and context.

Her groupings of object and colour are truly amazing, complex stories of travel and history you are left with a sense of the past, the present and the future.
The book is a visual feast that has a gradual absorption level. I have had this book for 2 years now and it still feels new everytime I read it.
It will have a US and European release in March 2011 keep an eye out for it.

Note: All images and words (apart from the My thoughts section) are the sole property of Sibella Court and have been referenced from The Society Inc Website. You may not claim these as your own nor lift from this site without crediting from the original source: thesocietyinc.com.au.

My thoughts section: These words are copyright of Helen Bordeaux 2011. If you wish to use this text you can email me for permission. This post has been created as an informative post to create awareness of Design Principles and Practices.