25 March 2012

Amy Vanderbilt scone recipe

Look what I made

yesterdays efforts with homemade compote

I made scones yesterday afternoon and I really still cant believe how easy they were to make. The fact that I made really light fluffy ones was super exciting. Im not that good at baking! They make a nice Sunday breakfast too.
Amy Vanderbilts Cookbook is a wonderful collection of useful recipes with easy to follow instructions there is some ingredients substitution with the scones I used butter and Self Raising flour instead of shortening and all purpose flour/baking soda.
Yesterday we enjoyed warm scones with a berry compote (I had run out of jam so made my own) and plain yoghurt which I think taste like cream when enjoyed with berries.

For the compote:
I used half a cup of frozen berries and a dash of icing sugar (helps it to go syrupy) boiled it down for 5 mins and cooled in the freezer DELISH!

Iam so getting into baking and cooking and really enjoying the experience :)

PS: The cookbook has the added bonus of illustrations by a young Andrew Warhol.

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