27 March 2012

A little Barbara Kruger to start the day

Barbara Kruger (born January 26, 1945) is anAmerican conceptual artist. Much of her work consists of black and white photographs overlaid with declarative captions—in white-on-red Futura Bold Oblique. The phrases in her works often include use of pronouns such as "you", "your", "I", "we", and "they".

So influential in my Art School Days and still her work has relevance.

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Patrice A. said...

hello you!

when I joined the drawing challenge of Elisabeth with the theme 'whisper' last year you were one of the participants
but soon after that you stopped
but here you are!
and that drawing challenge is still going strong
hope you will join again!
see: http://arianereichardt.blogspot.com/

and this weeks theme is chosen by Leena