15 April 2012

Drawing Challenge: I am Pesci

I am pisces

fish I

fish II

my inspiration

an accidental swimming pic

Drawing Challenge: My Sign

Nadine over at tinywoolf  is hosting the drawing challenge this week and the theme is birth signs.

As you may have guessed by now I am pesci or pisces.

The ceramic plaque was a present from my partner. It is one of my most treasured possessions. I love the fish and the coloured glazes so bright.

Head over to tinywoolf blog and check out her drawing challenge and follow the links to see what other Artists/Designers have done for the drawing challenge.

There has been a wonderful response to this challenge :) Nice work!

Pesci: italian for fish


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i think your swimming pic is a good fortune aspect of your pesci! they do come alive by it, and fish should be swimming after all!! what a loving gesture of yours to interpret a thoughtful gift by your partner.

we had an aquarius wooden plaque in the house, actually, as i was growing up. i just remember now. come to think of it, it was quite by accident it was there too! i don't think my mum ever came to terms with the fact it was actually aquarius on there, she just liked the image... i should actually make a reservation on that plaque, shouldn't i? ha!

anyway. thanks for playing, helen, n♥

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes you need to puts dibs on that plaque it was a pleasure playing this one......

Patrice A. said...

that swimming pic made me laugh!
colorful and playful
as fish are
nice work Helen
glad you are playing with us again

happy Sunday!

Rosemary said...

Like Patrice - the accidental swimming photo was amusing.
Lovely fishy images, and thanks for your visit to me.

objectsofwhimsy said...

To dear Patrice
Im very happy to be back taking part of the challenges again

To Patrice and Rosemary sometimes those accidental photos are the best images I loved that the fish looked like they were swimming away.

renilde said...

Hello Helen, i should feel like a fish in the water over here schouldn' t i, and i do!
I love that last shot, that's us, in motion and for the outside world a bit blurry ;) wonderful! x

PaintTheTears said...

Hello! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. For more information, check out my blog post here - http://paintthetears.blogspot.com/2012/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
with humor you let the fishes swim and make me happy.
I like your waves very much... and those mien of the fish! Right on the button!

See you next week as our host, right?
'A pair of...'

x Ariane.

tanĂ¯a said...

Ha, I love the accidental swimming pic! So cute. Beautiful plaque by the way, and so is your drawing.

Leena said...

I love your lively, colorful picture. Happy fish:)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thanks for the comments very encouraging they spur me on to bigger and better things......
So its me hosting this weeks challenge ? I had better get my skates there will be a post today keep your eyes out for it ;)

Victoria said...

Such beautiful fish...gorgeous post..

objectsofwhimsy said...

thankyou Victoria!
your paintings are really beautiful by the way...:)

Julia da Franca said...

uhh, how could i miss this! so many lovely fishes around...

Carole said...

How the heck did I miss this post, Helen?
Such happy looking fish. They seem to have eyes for each other!

objectsofwhimsy said...

They are very elusive fish!!!
ahh you noticed Carole those eyes both watching the other!