21 April 2012

Drawing Challenge: A pair of.......

With these hands
guide the ink on paper
This pair of hands
the gateway to my creativity


I hope you enjoy and Im looking forward to all the other entrants pop over here to find links to the other participants blogs and enjoy the pairs of.....

For the girls participating thankyou hope you had fun with the theme.

Helen :)


Our Dear Patrice is hosting this weeks challenge you can find all the details here if you wish to participate.


Artwork and images are copyright to the Artist Helen Bordeaux 2012. If you wish to use any of the content in this post images or text please email me for permission and conditions. Thankyou!


Victoria said...

Hi Helen! woah..totally stunning..captivating, creative and visually decadent..this sparks my imagination and creative soul..what a blissful image..I love it!

Lise B said...


Patrice A. said...

and so, so true

I have posted mine

happy weekend/sunday!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i'm just wondering how you did this... great design though!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
good morning!
Fantastic patterns
and :
Really a wonderful pair of gateways (left and right).

Thanks for this coupling theme!

x Ariane

Leena said...

Fabulous colors and patterns, a very strong and creative work, I love the idea and the way you express it x Leena

objectsofwhimsy said...

thanks everyone for your lovely thoughts I really appreciate every comment.
Nadine this was a combination of my artwork and photography and good ol photoshop.
Ive been looking at ways of combining my digital, drawing and photography recently and this is one way. :

Helen :)

renilde said...

Wow, love it! the combination of color and black/white works so well here and yes our hands... our precious tools, x

Julia da Franca said...

hello helen, first i want to thank you for this theme, you made me think in many ways!! your work is just great and very beautiful! x julia

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thanks for the feedback i really appreciate all the support and it has been a pleasure seeing my theme come alive in such diverse and interesting through your interpretations.

Now Im not sure who is on for next week theme Ill have to check on that but I cant wait to see what the nex challenge brings.

Helen x

Carole said...

Helen! Fantastic!

I just posted mine. Sorry, I had it scheduled for yesterday but it didn't post it.

Thanks for hosting the drawing challenge.

Rosemary said...

Dear Helen - I am sorry that I was unable to participate or reply to your request. I was away on holiday, but it looks to have been a really interesting challenge. I love your painted hands you have obviously been very clever with your photography and artwork combined.