02 April 2012

How was your weekend?

I did this: Earth Hour

I watched this: Grand Designs Australia DVD

I made this: Pumpkin Soup

I listened to this: Port vs St Kilda AFL match

Hamish Hartlett Port Adelaide Power

I read this: The Cooking of Italy (TimeLife Publication 1967)


Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

- i forgot earth hour, i am a little ashamed to admit.
- i fell asleep in front of a series.
- i tried to cook up something, and failed.
- i did listen to lianne la havas, the first to enter my new i-tunes library (since i lost my old one... tshhhh)
- i'm still reading the mishaps of a home renovation, written by miranda innes. gripping stuff.

in general, i simply LOVE what all you did this weekend, and i'm not too unsatisfied about mine. since you were asking... ;)))

by the way. loved your comment on the leaning effect. always glad to be of help, in the laughing department. really, and so..
all of that continues, up here.. hee hee.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Yes was a full weekend shame the happiness didnt last through monday...I did a couple of printruns on new card stock and the ink dried to tacky arrrrggh finallt dried after I pegged them to the clothes line late afternoon.
Oh well left over pumpkin soup it is for tea tonight.
Youve got get an Amy Vanderbilt cookbook. I do what she says in the book and it just turns out so Im challenging the process and Im going to try bread this wednesday and then I was thinking bombelaska why not? as you do.
Wish you could have seen my husband helping me to peg my prints on the clothesline pretty funny it was

happy renovating look forward to further instalments.

Helen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful old woman in the lace headpiece bore a striking resemblance to Grandma Charlick!
I love the caption below that says "please prove you're not a robot", I'm not sure I can provide enough evidence,

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes the old lady does look like Gran it didnt go unnoticed ;)