30 April 2012

What's Up Monday?

aards detail

aarts details

new button artwork

rose shadow

loving the chin!

breakfast time

I rode on this!

new cards!

An easy post of random images & ramble.....

I dont go in to work on Mondays.......I get to sit in my nice warm bed, laptop on lap, sipping my coffee and exhibiting one handed dexterity in answering emails, wiping coffee drips and toast crumbs off laptop, cruising the web and putting finishing touches on bits and pieces that need finalising.

Im always completely amazed when the clock and my numb bum tell me its nearly 10am and I finally drag myself out from under the doona.

This easing into the week is really nice I have to tell you and I sympathise with all persons that have to rise early and tackle kids, traffic, public transport and corporate office environments to start a new week.

Today is a relatively easy day
  • I am shop fitting today (well my new etsyshop which will be open soon), 
  • I have to write a couple of lessons for my students one is a couple of illustrator tutorials (easypeasy), the other is a little more challenging and is on ethics and the designer.

It seems that ethics and the technological age are inextricably linked. The more freedom that we are allowed in the online world seems to bring with it dangers to our identity and privacy.
How do you teach the future producers of online content to own the responsibility that will be theirs to protect and uphold the standards that exists and the ones that they must set for themselves professionally?
Its a challenge to engage 20 somethings to think about consequence and future. They are hardwired to act impulsively and only think in the moment.

Maybe I'll stay in the bed for a little longer......Nah I'll get up.

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Julia da Franca said...

yes please get up and would you like to join me into the next theme UNDERWATER WORLD LIFE/LOVE
so please come over and sign in! x julia

Rachel said...

whimsical and wonderful! All of it. I find that bus advertisement rather pink and rather interesting.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Rachel

the bus is a tram and we were a little hesitant hopping onboard though I noticed a couple of little girls dragging their Mums towards it.

Im glad you like my work Im exploring at the moment so its a bit all over the place.
Thanks for stopping by

Helen x

Rachel said...

Helen, I do believe we are kindred spirits after all.
Stickers on fruit is just wrong, it's pointless and makes the already perfect fruit look like some type of processed product. It's wrong. I'll peel them off at other peoples houses as well, without a thought.

That link you shared made me laugh. I swear that I too collected these stickers for a while!! True story. I don't like them on the fruit but as a sticker, they were often attractive in themselves. I was sticking them to the side of my breadbox but that proved to look bad after awhile and they didn't stick too well. The little book is perfect! Why didn't I think of that? I love that I am not alone in this love/hate relationship with the fruit sticker.

Thanks for brightening my day.