27 May 2012

Drawing Challenge:Paper Doll Drama

Well there she is.....not as elegant as some other paper girls half fisherwife and half "you'd never believe I was an acrobat in a circus once" She also looks annoyed not angry just annoyed constantly.
Im not even sure I like her she looks a bit formidable and I have no idea where she came from she just appeared from the end of my pen but here she is anyway with press stud joints and bright green skirt......

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24 May 2012

^^^ pinterest favourites ^^^

Im beginning to fall in love with pinterest...I tried hard not too because I believe its just another enviroment that humans can continue on with their polluting ways filling up empty space with mindless and usually meaningless  debris.
I try to keep what I pin relevant to who I am and what I do but that has not stopped the odd cute kitty or dog photo or adorable baby picture finding its way onto my boards.

What I find humorous is the fact that I joined because I was desperate to find ways to make my rental kitchen not to look so drab for not a lot of money.
It seemed the ideal place to harvest resources quickly and collectively.

To this date I have a lot of interesting images relating to art, photography and fashion (?? I was unaware that I had an interest in fashion but apparently I do... just check out my likes and fashion board) and ermmm not any real harvest booty of the drab to fab kitchen kind.

I like the ease of use when trying to bring all my web presences together and pinterest offers this.

I think I will be doing the odd post now and then about whats on my boards to give the collections of images a little more function other than just being aesthetic.

To say pinterest is not functional is not exactly true there is a wonderful collection of practical howtos and tutorial links to follow. They in themselves are worth checking out.

Are you a pinterest person?

Id like to know what others think if you care to share your ideas about it and whether you find it mindless or mindful or whether you have avoided or adopted it. Im curious to see how my blogger friends see it and or use it.

Well must crack on the mountain of work is just not going away by itself!

Have a great day my friends!

Helen :)

20 May 2012

Drawing Challenge: fairy tale

Drawing Challenge : Fairy tale

This weeks host is the lovely Tatjana.

I've been really busy this week grading assignments in readiness for the mid semester break. I decided for the challenge that I would consult my journals to find some work to submit for this challenge.
I didnt need to look far as earlier this year I participated in the sketchbook project and found this spread  from the sketchbook I submitted.
I like to think there is something Rapunzel-like about the tower within. The feeling of miniature also represent for me a fairytale world. A world within a droplet.....

Please make time to visit Tatjanas blog and follow the links to other wonderful responses to this weeks theme.

^^^ My sketchbook for the project if you wish to see other pics.

17 May 2012

Featured Artist: Henrique Oliveira

Artist :: Henrique Oliveira

Henrique lives and works in Sao Paulo.
He has a Fine Arts Degree and completed a Masters in Visual Poetics  at the Sao Paulo University.
I think the term visual poetics describes his unusual work perfectly. His technique combines sculpture with painting creating large installations that become part of the space they occupy having no beginning or ending.

The Artist has a desire to transcend the formal practices of painting and sculpture merging the two techniques into one. The painting leaves the conventional walled surface to skin these incredible twisted forms that appear to burst into and pass through the space.

"So, the whole subject-object relationship is reversed. The content is you! If you don't walk into the work and engage with it, there isn't any content."  Richard Serra

His intention reminds me of Richard Serra and his endeavours to create an environment where the viewer experience is paramount to the completion of Artwork, to make it whole.
You can see more of his work on his website here.

Artist Website
Richard Serra

Note: All images are the sole property of Henrique Oliveira and have been referenced from the link sources in this post. If you wish to use these images please link to the Artist website or back to this post.

The words within this post are copyright to Helen Bordeaux 2012.  If you wish to use this text please link back to this post or email me of your intended use. This post has been created as an informative post to create awareness of  art and art practices.   


13 May 2012

Drawing Challenge: pompom

Artwork by Helen Bordeaux 2012

Drawing Challenge :: pompom

This weeks drawing challenge has been hosted by the lovely Stefanie please take time to visit her blog to find the links to all the other wonderful artworks in this weeks drawing challenge.

I found this weeks theme such fun so I kept it simple and loose. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Stefanie for a great theme.

Helen x

09 May 2012

Papercraft Artist: Charles Clary


Fermatic Pandemic 2009


Double Diddle Evisceration 2009

Detail I

Detail II

Detail III

Artist :: Charles Clary

“I use paper to create a world of fiction that challenges the viewer to suspend disbelief and venture into my fabricated reality. By layering paper I am able to build intriguing land formations that mimic viral colonies and concentric sound waves”   Charles Clary

Charles Clary was born in 1980 in Morristown, Tennessee. He received his BFA in painting with honors from Middle Tennessee State University and his MFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

He recently had a solo exhibition at Galerie EVOLUTION-Pierre Cardin in Paris, France, completed a three week residency in Lacoste France, completed a painting assistantship with Joe Amrhein of Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn NYC, and had work acquired by fashion designer Pierre Cardin and gallery owner James Cohan.
As of 2011 Charles had been featured in numerous print and Internet interviews including, WIRED 
magazine (US and UK), Hifructose.com, Beautifuldecay.com and Bluecanavs Magazine.

He has also been featured in publications including “Papercraft 2” published by Gestalten and “PUSH Paper” published by Lark Books.

The images copyright is retained by the Charles Clary. The words are from an interview with the Artist at Design Milk.You may not claim these as your own nor lift from this site without crediting from the original sources. Please respect the Artist. Thankyou!

06 May 2012

Drawing Challenge: Underwater life/love

Microorganisms in Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre: The mysterious inland sea

The filling of Lake Eyre is one of Australia’s great natural spectacles. 
Fed by floodwaters that have travelled more than 1,000 kilometres from the channel country in Queensland, a vast inland sea emerges in the heart of Australia’s driest region.

Lake Eyre actually consists of two lakes, Lake Eyre North (8 430 km²) and Lake Eyre South (1 260 km²), connected by Goyder Channel which has a length of 15 km. It covers a 6th of the continent. It sits below sea level.

It can fill in a matter of days and takes years to dry out and its flood pattern is relatively unknown.
When the lake flood it brings with it an eruption of bird and mammal life. Thousands of birds of many species fly to the lake to breed. Pelicans and seagulls usually coastal birds will fly to the heart of arid desert country to breed there.

When European explorers first arrived in Australia they believed for many years that an inland sea existed and many perished trying to reach it.

This Lake epitomises the might of Australia as a continent and has the ability to bring a country of coastal hugging individuals to the centre of it vast land. It can humble and subdue a species (human beings) in such an awe inspiring and spectacular fashion. If we get too big for our boots it inevitably reminds us who is boss.

I have a desire to visit the Lake before it drains as I may not get another chance in my life time My artwork combines satellite images of the lake at its various stages of flood and drawings from my sketchbook that remind me of little alien microorganisms. I would like to think that they would be at home in Lake Eyres waters.

Helen :) 

The lovely Julia is our drawing challenge host this week. To check out other responses to her challenge make sure you pop over to her blog for details!

Drawings sourced from Journals by Helen Bordeaux
Photograph sourced from NASA

03 May 2012

Crochetdermist :: Shauna Richardson

Artist with one of the Lions and cute woofy companion

Chatham starts the Lionheart Project tour

The Artist with a smaller work

Shauna Richardson: Crochetdermist
The Lionheart Project

The unique body of work she terms ‘Crochetdermy’ evolved out of the exploration of the theory that  ‘Anything can be art’. She uses crochet to sculpt realistic life-size animals – uncanny taxidermy-like forms.


Shauna is a remarkable and highly skilled Artist/Craftsperson or 'crotchetdermist' she has crotcheted 3 giant Lion skins on solid forms into an amazing artpiece for the London Olympics 2012.

The concept of the piece is based on Richard the Lionheart's crest of 3 lions and the rich textiles history of the region, which has been represented through the use of locally sourced Swaledale wool.
The whole project took Shauna around 2yrs  to complete.. now that is dedication to the craft.

If you are lucky enough to be in the neighbourhood Im thinking to be able to examine her workmanship up close would be well worth the visit.

For the few of us who are thanking god for the internet you can see her work which is beautifully photographed on her website.
You can also find more information about the Artist and artwork on its official website this has information about the touring dates of the artwork around Britain. 
I hope she comes to Australia afterwards for a tour Ill be definitely visiting her exhibition if she does.

Here are some mind blowing stats about the Lionheart Project:
  • The Lions are 9m or 30ft long
  • The Lions took 18 months to crotchet and used 36 miles of yarn.
  • They are displayed in a 16mL x 4mH glass-sided semitrailer (all ready for travelling)
  • Cost half a million Pounds (and worth every penny!)

BBC News Report

Previous Post
Ben Javens

Artist/Illustrator :: Ben Javens

Ben Javens


"His grumpy face hides a happy soul...well kind of." Ben Javens

Im so glad I stumbled upon Ben Javens, his illustrated works just gladen my heart.
Ben's work has contributed to various publications, a record label, and recently released card range for 1973.
There is a real purity in his work its not mimicry and for that Im truly grateful.
Ben is an Artist/llustrator with well chosen words and meaningful images. 
His illustrations have an intriguing verve created by a singing colour palette and an underlying pensive nature. 

Ben lives and works in England, UK.

Please take the time to visit Ben's work at his website, blog or follow on twitter
You can purchase Ben's work here.
Ben likes to hang out here.

The Artwork and quote are the sole property of the Artist/Illustrator Ben Javens. If you wish to repost any content from my post I ask that you repsect the Artists wishes in the use of his images/words stated below.

Ben asks that if you wish to repost his illustrations on your blog or website that you credit him as the Artist. If you would like to use them in any other way, please contact Ben Javens first.  Thank you.